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Re: Theos-World Re: My membership application with Adyar TS

Feb 22, 2006 10:34 AM
by M K Ramadoss

I think the mindset of submission to authority is a result of interminable
preaching of hierarchical order of things in the universe and nature and its
application everywhere. This leads to a logic that people higher up are more
"wise" and knowledgeable and hence should not be questioned.

And those who have spent all their life in such an environment is stuck in
it and are not capable of dealing with questioning minds. (Independent
thinkers are most difficult to deal with in any case).

Information flow is usually controlled in the hierarchical setup in the
traditional setup with the control of medium of dissemination of info.
Internet has upset this format in an irreversible manner and Internet is
here to stay.

Another traditional way to control questioners is to provide incentives to
make them keep quite. It could be indirect or direct favors (either now or
in the future in this life or a future life) one can expect either with
titles (spiritual or temporal) or such other "favors" as being allowed to
speak/lecture to groups by being anointed as "official" (approved)
"speakers/lecturers". In rare cases if one is employed by the organization,
then one's livelihood is at stake and makes one think twice before
questioning and losing one's livelihood.

So in the current changed environment, it is a challenge as to foster real
unity while at the same time questioning whether submission to authority is
necessary in spiritual matters while it may be necessary in the business and
worldly matters. This is a question that is faced in most organizations and
it would be interesting to watch how this issue evolves.


On 2/22/06, plcoles1 <> wrote:
Yes they can be very "nice" to each other but the underlying glue that keeps
their "unity" is
submission to authority and a closed mind.

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