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Vague speculation, or precise observation?

Feb 22, 2006 07:32 AM
by kpauljohnson

--- In, leonmaurer@... wrote:
> Carlos,
> I think it might be about time that you cease your continuous 
insinuations and innuendoes about Daniel Caldwell's supposed 
fraudulent impersonations -- that seems to be supported by hearsay 
evidence based solely on the vague speculations of an alleged enemy 
of Caldwell who has a personal ax to grind because of 
Caldwell's disagreement with his historical findings.  
Hi Leon,

It's interesting that you choose to discredit my motives by innuendo 
in a post in which you chide Carlos for doing so to Daniel.  The only 
hearsay evidence I presented was that a fellow theos-talker told me 
months ago that Daniel had used multiple personae in theosophical 
discussion fora.  Other than that, the evidence is circumstantial, 
but not hearsay.  You can check it all for yourself.  The only way 
direct evidence would emerge is through a confession or the testimony 
of an eyewitness-- not very likely.  (And you are strongly 
discouraging a confession in your post!)  But the circumstantial 
evidence is extremely strong.  Just read the posts and articles 
originating from both "individuals" and ask yourself how many authors 
are really writing them.  For example, the obsession with certain 
topics, the style of relentless interrogation, the very similar 
appearance of websites, the prominent link to Caldwell's site at the 
top of Green's, all these can be observed.

I did not want to be the person to make this public for the very 
reason that you are now demonstrating: the "blame the messenger" 
phenomenon would distract people from the message.  As far as having 
an ax to grind is concerned, I have known about this for six months 
but remained silent until the feud erupted here between Carlos and 
Daniel.  Feeling that we might be at the beginning of a long and 
nasty ordeal, I shared with Carlos my information on the phenomenon 
he was dealing with, and he pretty much insisted on making it 
public.  I don't mind anyone disagreeing with my historical 
findings.  But the relentless bullying here at theos-talk, of which 
you were a recent target, is just too much. 

The person who first told me about the impersonations is a regular 
here whom you would undoubtedly esteem and trust more than me.  But 
he has not wanted to address the issue publicly.  And the person who 
did the research on Green's posting from Daniel's Tucson ISP is 
likewise a regular here you would trust and esteem more than me.  But 
he too does not wish to confront the problem.  Since I have not asked 
permission to repost his message to me, all I can do is present the 
punch lines:

the originating IP address for a theos-talk message by David Green, 
posted in April 2000, is; a lookup of that address shows 
it to be; that domain is owned by the 
ISP Azstarnet; in the same month Daniel posted from the same ISP.

All these pieces of evidence can be examined by anyone for him or 
herself.  Bottom line, use your head and just read all the posts from 
May 2000 from Green and Caldwell, and ask yourself what was going 
on.  Here is a link to them, arranged by author:



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