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Re: My membership application with Adyar TS

Feb 22, 2006 05:01 AM
by kpauljohnson

Dear Perry,

This appears to be a blessing in disguise.  From past experience with 
ARE, I suggest that if membership in an organization is something you 
have mixed feelings about, that's probably a signal to drop it.  For 
years when my annual renewal came up I would agonize over whether or 
not to renew.  Eventually I concluded that the feeling of uncertainty 
was a signal that this was not the best course to pursue.  You wrote:
> Are the terms "increasingly healthy" and "non aggressive" double 
> speak for, be quiet, don't rock the boat?
CWL is a sacred cow, and nonbelievers in him are tolerated only to 
the extent that they avoid offending his admirers.  That's how I read 
it.  In Perth of all places the cult of CWL must be protected against 

> Genuine freedom requires courage and fearless pursuit of truth, not 
> reinforcing demonstrable fantasies however content and `peaceful' 
> they may make us feel.
> Valid criticism and rigorous debate are an essential part of that 
> process without it we may as well become born again believers.
But there really is no such process.  At least since 1982, CWL 
believers must simply stick their fingers in the ears and shout "la-
la-la I can't hear you" or "Tillett tells malicious lies" because 
they have no ground to stand on.  No criticism or debate can be 
allowed because the result will always be the same, defeat for the 
Leadbeaterian position.  And we can't have that now, can we?

Ever consider the Pasadena TS?



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