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Re: My membership application with Adyar TS

Feb 22, 2006 02:42 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

Dear Perry,

--- In, "plcoles1" <plcoles1@...> wrote:

> I had re-thought my decision to not be involved with the society, 
> The 3 objects are of course objects that I support fully.

I can try to reconstruct their line of thought.
If one leaves the Theosophical Society, they probably thought, he is 
probably supports its objects no more, especially the first one. For 
if he thinks that Society has deviated from original objects, he can 
say it aloud and try to improve Society. (until he will be 
expelled ;). 

Also they may afraid that some persons could infiltrate to Society 
not to promote its objects but pursue their own ends. There was a 
case with New Acropolis members who have done so. To oppose it 
several lodges were unchartered and practically entire national 
section was ruined. It was like to treat headache by cutting the head 
Since then they are much cautious in accepting new members; I've 
experienced it myself.

> Also I hoped that perhaps at some point, I could facilitate a 
> reading / study group as I used to do with the `Key to Theosophy' 

"Key to Theosophy" is very elementary book for the beginners. Does it 
need the study group? Everyone should better to study it for himself. 
Moreover, such study groups often became a factories for 
manufacturing dogmatically thinking people. Such was probably their 
line of thought.

> Below is the letter I received from the National Secretary of the 
> Australian section for your perusal, it reads as follows :

There is not uncommon when an individual member comes into confilct 
with a national section. There were precedents, though I'm not sure, 
where in such cases the aspirant applied for unattached membership. 
And if you shall be rejected once more on the level of international 
HQ, then it will be a big problem but not now.

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