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Re: Theosophical discoveries in space

Feb 22, 2006 02:19 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, Bart Lidofsky <bartl@...> wrote:
> Konstantin Zaitzev wrote:
> > "core" theosophy also contradicts modern science, 
> How?

Besides those discoveries about rotation of the planets, which I have 
_already quoted_, I can propose several more quotations:

"The Sun absorbs, "psychizes" and vampirizes its subjects within its 
system. Further than this it gives out nothing of itself." 
Transactions of the Blavatsky Lodge, VIII.

"that ray finding quite a different quality of a medium to travel 
upon than the ether of Space, the ether between the Sun and the 
meteoric continent above our heads, the velocity of light will of 
course show some 185,000 and odd miles per second, and your 
physicists shout "Eureka"! Nor do any of the other devices contrived 
by science to measure that velocity since 1887 answer any better. All 
they can say is that their calculations are so far correct. Could 
they measure light above our atmosphere they would soon find that 
they were wrong." ML, Letter No. 23b

(Though the speed of light is really less in the air, the difference 
is so slight that there's nothing to talk about. It was known long 
ago that in different mediums like glass the speed is less).

"While the spectroscope has shown the probable similarity (owing to 
the chemical action of terrestrial light upon the intercepted rays) 
of earthly and sidereal substance, the chemical actions, peculiar to 
the variously progressed orbs of space, have not been detected, nor 
proven to be identical with those observed on our own planet" -- say 
the Teachers." (Secret Doctrine, vol.1 p.597)

Now it is well known from the experience of space filghts (and 
theoretical physics teaches so, too) that "chemical action of 
terrestrial light" cannot distort spectrum and move the spectral 
lines, and the spectrum of the stars observed afar of the Earth is 
essentially the same as here, with that only exception that some 
frequences simply can't pass tgrough the atmosphere. They can be 
blocked by never can be changed. There was some proposition made that 
matter in other stars may be not the same as ours, and it only seems 
so due this distortion effect, but now we know that there is no such 
distortion and all matter is essentially the same.

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