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Re: CWL Describes Daily Life on Mars

Feb 21, 2006 03:18 PM
by soulsurvivor7771

Mr Carlos,

Thank you for your response. I am not sure when Leadbeater asked you 
or anyone else to believe what he said. He ceratinly has not had the 
chance to ask me to believe what he claims to know. Neither do I ask 
you to believe what I say. However, surely you do not question his 
right (or mine) to make such claims and express our opinions as well 
as our 'knowledge' about any matter, including life on Mars. 

In my last post, I gave you quite a plausible explanation how 
Leadbeater may have seen life on Mars. Unfortunately, not being as 
spiritually advanced as him, I am unable to verify for myself the 
truth of his statements (by travelling to Mars consciously in the 
astral plane) - I am assuming you have the same problem (Yes, Mr 
Carlos, it take spiritually advancement to achieve such siddhis, no 
amount of intellectual prowess will do it for you). 

In any case, you must grant after reading my explanation, that there 
is still a small chance (1% chance? 0.01% chance?) that Leadbeater 
may be proven to be correct about Mars after all.

As for Adyar, HIDING the texts about mars - it is obvious that they 
did it out of fear of ridicule (such as yours). I, on the other hand,
have no such fear (mainly because I don't pass myself off, as some 
sort of theosophical scholar). However, I think, the people who act 
out of fear of ridicule are easier to forgive than those who indulge 
in such ridicule themselves.

Incidentally, I recently created a webpage (very timely it looks 
like) about different kinds of theosophists - you fit into one of 
the types rather well (you may want to look at the page ). And by the way, I am 
well aware of the 1925 incident when the 'Arhat' announcement was 
made, I have mentioned it in my webpage (near the bottom of the 
page), if you care to read it.


--- In, "carlosaveline cardoso aveline" 
<carlosaveline@...> wrote:
> Dear Mr. Dave,
> Thanks for your commentaries.
> I believe it will be enough for me to comment these first lines 
your wrote:
> "Most of the information that Leadbeater provides in his books was
> obtained during his travels in the astral world. I am assuming that
> are like me and are unable to visit the astral world consciously. 
> just like me you can only verify what exists in the physical 
> This is indeed a fundamental point.  According to Leadbeater, you 
> believe him because  he says so.  You also should go to rituals, 
> According to the Esoteric Philosophy, on the other hand, trees 
can  be
> known by their fruits.
> Masters and true disciples never tell you that you should believe 
> because
> they have such or such siddhi or psychic abilitiy.  The spiritual 
way is not
> a contest of siddhis.  "Who has more siddhis than the others?"
> Masters say (see the " Mahatma Letters") that you must preserve 
> independence
> and learn by yourself.  Vatican's dugpas want blind believers. Not 
> Masters.
> Not true disciples. Not true lay disciples.  And certainly not 
> aspirants to discipleship.
> If Leadbeater's fancies were more than FANCIES,  if they, by now, 
were more
> then funny stories, why, then, dear Mr. Dave, which would 
> followers at the
> Adyar Theosophical Society have carefully and silently HIDDEN 
their Martian 
> and
> Mercurian texts from the public for some many decades?
> The tree can be understood and identified by its fruits, and the 
actions by
> its consequences, Dave.
> They are hiding CWL's texts and books BECAUSE they want to  
protect his 
> image.

> ... snip ...

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