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Re: Theos-World On CWL

Feb 21, 2006 11:00 AM
by Jacques Mahnich

Dear Hauw,
  Thank you for your positive attitude which I share woleheartdly because I am so convince by experience that you can learn so much with an open mind.
  You pinpointed wrightly when you made a difference between Theosophy and theosophists (like in any other kind of assembly).
  It does not mean that we should not challenge any idea, whoever bring it. That is what HPB told us. 
  I have been reading theosophy (and many of the documents HPB has referenced) for the last 25 years, and there are some areas which I just quit from because it did not make much of a sense to me. But the majority of it is bringing a lot of worth information, tracks to discover so many of what has been given to the world.

"T. H. Hauw" <> wrote:
Hi all,

Please allow me to say a few words from the angle of a new student of

I've been doing some reading in the past 2 months since I join the local TS.
Those on CWL posted by some members here are not the only thing that
intrigue me; there are also stories of betrayal, resignation, chelas who
went mad etc. I don't know what really happened, I have no way of telling
which is true and what is false. All I can do at this stage (until I decide
if Theosophy is for me) is to remind myself that theosophists are not the
same as Theosophy; no matter how old their souls are they are still human
beings and they make mistakes.

On CWL, I have read his "How Theosophy Came To Me" and almost completed "The
K H Letters to C W Leadbeater" with a commentary by C Jinarajadasa published
by TPH; I also looked him up on the Internet. My reading is as follow: he
had dedicated to his Master whole-heartedly and had always held a very high
respect for HPB and her works; he had made great sacrifices for Theosophy by
giving up a secured and comfortable job in England, then worked under very
adverse condition for many years in Ceylon and India; he contributed a great
deal to Theosophy such that he is respected by many theosophists and hated
by many from the Church; of course I also read his writing on 'life on Mars'
and the charges against him; last but not least I don't think he benefited
materially at any time.

But for weeks I have been reading negative postings in theos-talk about him
and his writings. The unkind words that were used on this man in the last 2
days include 'stupid', 'stick to insult him', 'wild fantasy' and so on and
this really astounds me, a new student. I can't understand why he cannot be
accorded better respect? I'm reminded of 3 books I read--"The After Life
Experiments", "Past Lives Regression" and "Out On A Limb". In each of them,
the author states that if 'reincarnation', 'karma' and the 'living soul
hypothesis' are true, everyone should be living more purposefully and
everyone will become a better person, be more forgiving and loving because
not only each alone is responsible for whatever he does and says, whatever
he does and says are being watched by thousands of other souls! (well that's
not the exact wordings but it's to that effect.) Shouldn't theosophists
believe more in this than non-theosophists? Why do we keep bashing someone
who had made mistakes but who had contributed a lot to Theosophy and who is
not around to defend himself? Why do we have to push so hard to have that
last say?

When I joined theos-talk I looked forward to reading words of wisdom from
those who have studied Theosophy a longer time. I want to make sure I'm in
the right place.

Thank you.

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