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My membership application with Adyar TS

Feb 20, 2006 11:59 PM
by plcoles1

Hello All,

Back around October last year I decided that I would reapply for 
membership with the Adyar TS branch in Perth.

I had re-thought my decision to not be involved with the society, as 
being perhaps a bit premature and thought I could with time work with 
some positive effect with the Perth branch.

Also I hoped that perhaps at some point, I could facilitate a 
reading / study group as I used to do with the `Key to Theosophy' in 
the Perth Branch.

The 3 objects are of course objects that I support fully.
 So in brief this is why I decided to submit for membership again.

When I put in my re-joining application it was presented at the next 
Perth Branch Executive Committee meeting.

As far as I know what happened was my application at the Perth EC 
meeting  was blackballed 3 positive, 3 negative the Branch president 
using the casting vote then voted in the negative.
However it then became uncertain as to whether one of the committee 
members who cast a negative vote was actually a paid up member, which 
would have therefore made their vote null and void.
This is my understanding of what happened.
This meant the decision was then sent to National Section to be 
decided upon.
Below is the letter I received from the National Secretary of the 
Australian section for your perusal, it reads as follows :

  Dear Perry

The members of the national Executive Committee considered your 
application to rejoin the Society during December, January and early 
February. These discussions took a considerable amount of time, they 
were serious and impersonal.

The Committee met yesterday to come to a decision. This decision was 
made in light of a number of your public postings on the internet 
which convey a negative and sometimes aggressive attitude concerning 
the TS and its leadership, your replies to my letters requesting your 
reasons for wanting to rejoin and your other correspondences to the 
headquarters in recent times.

As a result of our deliberations, the members of the national 
Executive Committee unanimously decided not to accept your 
application to rejoin at this time. This decision was not taken 
I will ask Perth Branch to refund your fees.

However we would strongly encourage you to attend Perth Branch in 
order to build up an increasingly healthy, non aggressive 
relationship based on courtesy and respect. We also expect the 
members and the Executive Committee of the Branch to reciprocate this 
behaviour, in a brotherly way.

We acknowledge and appreciate that you are a serious student of the 
teachings of the Mahatmas.
We respect your recently expressed views about the TS. We also invite 
you to reapply for membership of the Perth Branch in 12 months time 
if you find that you have a genuine compatibility with the ethos, 
official statements and broad scope of the teachings of the TS, with 
its headquarters at Adyar.

Warm Regards

I t would be interesting to know what constitutes being "aggressive" 
according to the Adyar society ?



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