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Re: Theos-World TS natal chart and its implications

Feb 20, 2006 06:48 PM
by prmoliveira

--- In, Jerry Hejka-Ekins <jjhe@...> 

> From the data below, I would say that according to the traditional 
> rules of astrology, the Sept. 7th date would be the one that is 
> esoterically most significant. Do we know the hour and minute that 
> agreement took place?
> Another thought: some fifteen or twenty years ago, Dr. Santucci 
> carefully went over the original minutes of the TS and found that 
> other discrepancies) the dates of the meetings and the given days 
of the 
> week do not match. His research suggested that we need to take a 
> closer and more critical look at these records then has been done 
in the 
> past.

Hello Jerry,

May I offer a different perspective on the above? Perhaps the TS was 
meant, as an organization, to be from the beginning a public 
(exoteric) entity, even though it may have had private (esoteric) 
beginnings. Therefore, the November 17th is, it seems to me, the 
date in which the Society becomes a public body per se, with the 
President giving his inaugural address. The following passage from 
the Mahatma Letters seems to suggest that:

"On the 17th of November next the Septenary term of trial given the 
Society at its foundation in which to discreetly "preach us" will 
expire. One or two of us hoped that the world had so far advanced 
intellectually, if not intuitionally, that the Occult doctrine might 
gain an intellectual acceptance, and the impulse given for a new 
cycle of occult research. Others  wiser as it would now seem  held 
differently, but consent was given for the trial. It was stipulated, 
however, that the experiment should be made independently of our 
personal management; that there should be no abnormal interference 
by ourselves." (ML #45, chronological)

Best wishes,

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