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Re: Theos-World Planetary positions

Feb 20, 2006 11:11 AM
by Jerry Hejka-Ekins

Dear Paul, Adelaise and all,

According to traditional rules in astrology, the critical moment would be the moment when the seventeen or so people made a formal agreement (probably by vote) to form the TS. HPB wasn't specific, but it has always been my impression that this was the moment she had in mind. To my thinking, it is evident that whenever a group of people unite in a commitment towards a single aim, that focus of energy makes for an esoterically significant moment. Do we have a date and time for when the question was posed and voted upon?
The November inaugural address would mark the public launching of the TS--an exoteric event. Basically you have an interested but passive public who showed up for an hour's entertainment.
The moment the idea entered Olcott's, Judge's, HPB's or some chohan's head, if such a moment could be determined, would make for an interesting chart. But such events in traditional astrology are read as horary. That is, an inquiry into the idea's (or question's) potential.

kpauljohnson wrote:


Here are the data for 9/8/1875 8PM NYC:

Sun 15 Vir 55
Moon 28 Sag 24
Merc 0 Lib 51
Ven 12 Vir 05
Jup 0 Sco 19
Sat 21 Aqu 0
Ura 17 Leo 29
Nep 2 Tau 47
Plu 23 Tau 36
node 8 Ari 39
Chi 25 Ari 42

My suggestion is that the intermediate dates at the Britten home are more significant that this one, because only the idea of an organization occurs on this date, not any actual organizing.

The zero degree placements above are interesting. Comments?


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