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Re: Theos-World Planetary positions

Feb 20, 2006 07:22 AM
by adelasie

Hi Paul,


> Here are the data for 9/8/1875 8PM NYC:
> Sun 15 Vir 55
> Moon 28 Sag 24
> Merc 0 Lib 51
> Ven 12 Vir 05

Mars 3 Cap 40

> Jup 0 Sco 19
> Sat 21 Aqu 0 Rx
> Ura 17 Leo 29
> Nep 2 Tau 47 Rx
> Plu 23 Tau 36 Rx
> node 8 Ari 39
> Chi 25 Ari 42 Rx

Do you have documentation for the 8pm time? 
> My suggestion is that the intermediate dates at the Britten home are
> more significant that this one, because only the idea of an
> organization occurs on this date, not any actual organizing.

The subject of mysteriousness is becoming more and more significant 
in this thread. Do you accept that there are some things that we just 
aren't able to understand? Or do you think that all can be reveales 
by current methods of research?
> The zero degree placements above are interesting.  Comments?

What do you think is the significance of the 0 degree placements? It 
occurs to me that the idea of the organization, a "founding" of 
sorts, on the mental plane if you will, was somewhat less daunting 
than the actual event of bringing the organization into material 
manifestation. Considering the nature of the organization and its 
mission that isn't too surprising.


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