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NASA & Leadbeater

Feb 19, 2006 09:45 PM
by Vladimir

Sunday, February 19, 2006, 10:16:44 PM, Drpsionic wrote:

> The   same  is  true  of  dowsers.  T.  Galen  Hieronymus,  one  the
> super-biggies  in  radionics,  said  during the Apollo missions that
> there was some sort of dangerous energy around the Moon. But no such
> energy  was  detected by any conventional means and no astronaut who
> went to the moon suffered any ill effects from it which leads to the
> conclusion  that  either  the  energy  was  too weak to matter or it
> simply does not exist.

Or  no  astronaut  actually  went  to the moon at all. :) As you might
know,  more  than  a  year  ago European Space Agency launched a lunar
mission SMART-1. Among other things they intended to photograph Apollo
landing  sites  to dispel those notorious conspiracy theories. But for
_some_ reason during all these many months not a single such image was

"We are observing some of the landing sites for calibration and ground
truth  purposes,"  said  Bernard  Foing,  chief  scientist  of the ESA
science program.

Foing  told  that the SMART-1 orbiter circling the moon has
already  covered  the  Apollo  11, 16 and 17 landing sites, as well as
spots  where  the  former Soviet Unionís Luna 16 and Luna 20 automated
vehicles plopped down. The images have not yet been released.

The only image of a similar kind I could find on the ESA site is this
And it does not prove or disprove anything, of course.

Besides, as you might know NASA announced plans to land on the moon by
2020, but Maria T. Zuber and Ian Garrick-Bethell from MIT claim it is
too dangerous to land there with the present level of knowledge:

And  yet  everything  went  magically well in the 1960-ies... Well, of
course,  NASA  must  employ  much  more  powerful brains then those of
Leadbeater's and they must know a lot more about magic. ;)

Best regards,

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