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Konstantin & a Clarification from Daniel & Green

Feb 19, 2006 12:14 PM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear Konstantin,

Very briefly,

1) I don't speak for the ULT, which is not a corporation like Adyar. I speak for myself as an independent student.

2) I am not discussing Caldwell's person, althoug the person is NOT entirely separated from
what the person does. I am not even discussing Caldwell's actions. I am inviting Caldwell
to give us a confirmation or not of Paul Jhnson's according to which Daniel Caldwell committed intellectual fraud against the theosophical movement, by creating "alternative persons" specialized in attacking theosophical groups. Paul says the ULT is one of the main targets of Caldwell's.
Caldwell's surprising silence on the matter frankly vorught up by Paul does not help his loyal friends like you. If Caldwell refuses to answer to Paul, this is tantamount to say without words: "Paul is right, and I, Daniel, did the fraud and invented Mr. Green, Mr. Hobbes, etc." As a student, Konstantin, I, Carlos want to understand things and know who's who. Pedro Oliveira is a real person. You are a real person. Are there several persons in Daniel? Will Daniel clarify?

3) As to the legitimacy of CWL's teachings, I am waiting for your commentaries on his Martian and Mercurian discoveries.

Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline

From: "Konstantin Zaitzev" <>
Subject: Theos-World Re: TS Obituaries
Date: Sun, 19 Feb 2006 10:15:51 -0000

Dear Carlos,

> Now, the Master is referring to people who belong to the same
> association, in the same time and space,  and  who have
> personal, lower-self  reasons to criticize one another, etc.
> Well, I am not discussing Leadbeater's person

I meant that you have discussed Caldwell's person, and it had
nothing to do with his philosophical views. I've also read
somewhere that one prominent person from ULT accused well-
known theosophists of his time in practicing black magic.

> The truth is that HPB's teachings are authentic, while CWL's
> teachings are fancies.

It's rather matter of belief (for those who didn't experimented
himself). Yet CWL's teachings are DEPENDENT, i.e. if HPB's
teachings are false, CWL's teachings are false too. His writings on
Mars don't fit modern science, but HPB goes even somewhat

Now, if I am asked if the moon moves - it is in relation to the moon
that this is asked - if I am asked why the moon moves in an orbit
round the earth,I reply that this is caused by the vampirising action
of the moon upon the earth, not as science teaches owing to an
attraction exerted by the earth upon the moon, but rather the
reverse; the moon is so saturated with the magneto, vital
emanation of the earth that she is carried along by it like an over-
full sponge in a current of water
the moon is a dead planet.
Kingsland: - And that is why it has ceased to revolve.
Mdme. Blavatsky: - It has ceased to revolve, and therefore it is
carried on by induced motion, so to say, from that emanation from
the earth.
Keightley: - The scientific idea of the thing is that it is a
purely mechanical movement, because the large mass of matter
having once been set spinning, there is no friction and nothing to
stop it.
Blavatsky: - Don't speak to me about science, because science
and I are on cool terms."

(Transactions Of The Blavatsky Lodge, April 25 th, 1889)
See full text at

All this goes against very basic principles of mechanics proven by
countless experiments, not only against latest discoveries in
space. And if in latter case we can suppose that Americans are
hiding something from us (as it was reported they have changed
color of the photos) there is no even such weak excuse in the case
of mechanics. And note that all space flights are possible just
because of knowledge of that mechanics. Satellites, by the way,
should be stabilized by gyroscopes, otherwise they, due some
slight impulse, tend to rotate around their axes! The abovequoted
text was also witheld for a long time and was published only

So we all, regardless of the particular school, are are "on cool
terms" with science, and it's one of the reasons, I think, why
Krishnamurti's teachings are so popular in TS Adyar now. It's very
safe position to state that all is a play of mind.

> I note you did NOT ask for commentaries about the other things
> besides the Adyar E.S.

I was just trying to look somewhat less curious than I really am.
You may feel free to write everything you want.
As for obituaries, there were some misterious deaths in ranks of
important TS workers, and I'm in some extent informed about this.
But it was not connected with CWL teaching.

> You don't even belong or belonged to that which in Adyar TS is
> called as "the heart of the Society".

There can be different opinions where is the heart of the Society.
If it was known for everyone, Theosophical Society could be easily

> "The Key to Theosophy", by Helena P. Blavatsky.  Read and
> study before judging."

Of course I've read it for I've made a corrected translation of it
(which is already printed in more than 20000 copies for the last two
years). I prefer to spend main efforts to promotion of theosophy
(like Caldwell probably does too) than to judging the work of other
And as experience shows, it doesn't matter whose version of
theosophy do we spread for all teach the same attitude to life.
It depends mainly of the audience whose teaching they shall
accept more readily. So we need a wide range of authors and
approaches, not the one only.
Some theosophists unfortunately behave exactly like christians.
While as all schools of Christianity teach the same basic things,
christians in great extent fight with each another instead of
converting into christianity thr rest of the world.

Pedro wrote:

> There was a smoking ceremony at the opening ... I did meet the
> members from Ukraine but didn't know about the reported
> phenomena.

It wasn't on the opening, it was reported to occur in the mountains.
Anyway, in this case I have no more evidences than about HPB miracles,
with that only difference that I've met a first hand witness. Such
"miracles" are not so uncommon, you've probably heard about similar
feats made by aborigenal shamans in many countries, including Brazil.
Most probably it is based on some knowledge about nature spirits.

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