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Re: Theos-World On Martians, Mercurians & Leadbeaterians

Feb 19, 2006 12:02 PM
by samblo

   Thanks for the comments. Yeah it is as easy as laughing at UFO freaks 
(like me, lol). But I have a view that perhaps Leadbeater and others did have 
exposure to the Works of Flammarion, Swift and others and along with some 
astronomical reports by Astronomers about mysterious lights, canals on Mars, Vulcan, 
Phaeton and other objects it was a small step to imagine and also hope for 
other intelligent life beyond Earth. One contemporary Remote Viewer is Maj. Ed 
Dames, a frequent guest on Coast to Coast AM Radio evenings everywhere, it is 
syndicated nationally and also heard internationally and online live nightly. Ed 
Dames once was asked by the radio Host "what have you been able to determine 
about Life on Mars?" Dames gave a reply (I am paraphrasing) that he did not 
find a living race of being on Mars at the present time, but he did have strong 
remote indication of an advanced intelligently created technology that is still 
operative and beneath the ground on Mars. I personally don't have any direct 
perception or conclusions about that.

   I seem to recall that Madame Blavatsky made mention of "the baleful 
emanations of the Lunar sphere," maybe Daniel our most competent Archivist could 
provide a reference to such. I also seem to recall that the Hebrew and other 
middle eastern peoples also protected the head from the undesirable radiation of 
the Lunar by keeping the head covered. UFO freaks resort to Tinfoil Helmets, 
lol! See link below hehe.

    Then there is also the viewpoint that what was spoken of was seen as what 
existed on another plane of perception other than our common physical plane 
we consider normal on Earth by convention, who knows what simultaneous 
civilization are concurrently active with our own on other planes in the same space as 
we occupy? Thank god no one has proclaimed that there are 108 other planes 
for each demarcation Blavatsky enumerated (where did I leave my calculator?).

 One of the Astronauts did comment on the strange blue radiation phenomena
that appeared around his space suit while he was walking on the moon, he even 
had photo's of it. NASA sent a bulletin on it a months or so ago.


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