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Amazing Revelations on Mars

Feb 19, 2006 09:01 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Tell NASA about that

Dear Friends,

The paragraphs below, by C. W. Leadbeater, may illustrate the extraordinary gift he had as a clairvoyant.
In the early 20th century, Leadbeater used his many occult talents to announce to the world that Jiddu Krishnamurti was, in fact, “Lord Christ”, and that he would end all wars and establish peace on earth. The Second Coming of Christ was the reason for the “theosophical” creation of the Liberal Catholic Church. Such a Church is even now especially influential among Adyar theosophists in the USA.
An imaginative clairvoyant, Mr. C. W. Leadbeater is the main responsible – together with his protégé Annie Besant – for the many other clairvoyant descriptions and informations which were the basis and foundation for the creation of a shadow, unofficial, ritualistic power-structure in the theosophical Society, Adyar. These “inner” structures try to materialize a masonic order, besides sustaining a “liberal” Catholic Church, etcetara. I will leave the discussion of “etcetara” for some future occasion.
I put before you now a description of things that the NASA never saw. (The title of the text belongs to its clairvoyant author.)



By Charles W. Leadbeater

The present condition of the planet Mars is by no means unpleasant (...).
The present population (...) find plenty of room for themselves to live without great effort, in the equatorial lands, where the temperature is highest and there is no difficulty as to water. The great system of canals which has been observed by terrestrial astronomers was constructed by the second order of moon-men when they last occupied the planet, and its general scheme is to take advantage of the annual melting of enormous masses of ice at the outer fringe of the polar snow-caps. It has been observed that some of the canals are double, but the double line is only occasionally apparent; that is due to the f ore-thought of the Martian engineers. The country is on the whole level, and they had great dread of inundations; and wherever they thought that there was reason to fear too great an outrush of water under exceptional circumstances the second parallel canal was constructed to receive any possible overflow and carry it away safely.
The actual canals are not visible to terrestrial telescopes; what is seen is the belt of verdure which appears in a tract of country on each side of the canal only at the time when the water pours in. Just as Egypt exists just because of the Nile, so do large districts on Mars exist only because of t hese canals. (...)
(...) In physical appearance the Martians are not unlike ourselves, except that they are considerably smaller. The tallest men are not above five feet in height and the majority are two or three inches shorter. According to our ideas they are somewhat broad in proportions, having very great chest capacity – a fact which may possibly be due to the rarity of the air and the consequent necessity of deep breathing in order fully to oxygenate the blood. (...)

(Bibliographical commentaries: This is from the book “Inner Life”, by C. W. Leadbeater, Section Ten. Published by the magazine “Theosophical History”, London, January 1988, see pages 143-144 for the sentences quoted above. The text takes several pages. I also have the same text in the Spanish edition of “Inner Life”, by CWL, published in Buenos Aires by Editorial Glem. A Brazilian edition of the book “The Solar System”, by Mr. Arthur Powell – a follower of C.W.L.’s – can still be bought in Brazil with this description of physical life on Mars. Another author and leading Adyar clairvoyant, Mr. Geoffrey Hodson, followed the same track at least up to the 1950s. Yet in later years the USA TPH editions of the book “Inner Life”, by C.W.L., have silently eliminated this description, as well as the brief but astonishing description of physical life on Mercury. )

Best regards, Carlos Cardoso Aveline

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