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Re: Theos-World Qom Authorities Crack Down On Sufis

Feb 19, 2006 02:05 AM
by samblo

In a message dated 2/19/2006 1:00:55 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:


   Thanks, I read the article it is quite informative though it does not 
surprise me that they resort as they do. I am sorry to see this happen to the Sufi 
there and it is probably only just a beginning for worse future repression's. 
I expect they will become even more rabid as the US Gov. has added $85 
million more to an amount they had previously allocated to support change in Iran. 
Europe also is alarmed by the predilections of Iran and sanctions and other 
consequences are likely to arrive in the few following years. There are many dark 
hands in play for greed and power.


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