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Re: Theos-World Qom Authorities Crack Down On Sufis

Feb 19, 2006 01:00 AM
by M. Sufilight


Qom Authorities Crack Down On Sufis
and Stopping the War on Iran, Before It Starts



"M.C. But supposing the evil-wisher to have a very strong will, without being a dugpa, could the death of the other be accomplished?
H.P.B. Only if the malicious person has the evil eye, which simply means possessing enormous plastic power of imagination working involuntarily, and thus turned unconsciously to bad uses. For what is the power of the "evil eye"? Simply a great plastic power of thought, so great as to produce a current impregnated with the potentiality of every kind of misfortune and accident, which inoculates, or attaches itself to any person who comes within it. A jettatore (one with the evil eye) need not be even imaginative, or have evil intentions or wishes. He may be simply a person who is naturally fond of witnessing or reading about sensational scenes, such as murder, executions, accidents, etc., etc. He may be not even thinking of any of these at the moment his eye meets his future victim. But the currents have been produced and exist in his visual ray ready to spring into activity the instant they find suitable soil, like a seed fallen by the way and ready to sprout at the first opportunity. "

M. Sufilight

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I believe you did not convert the original path URL for the Qom article at
Tiny URL. You first have to do that and then post the Tiny URL Path that it
creates that takes us to the Qom article?


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