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Theos-World Re: TS natal chart and its implications

Feb 19, 2006 00:42 AM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "adelasie" <adelasie@...> wrote:

> Interesting, isn't it? This complexity suggests that the TS is an 
> unusual organization, in the fact that it has survived this long, 
> through many and some rather extraordinary difficulties. It is 
> apparent as one studies different astrological charts that great 
> things are done by individuals (or organizations) with seemingly 
> prohibitively difficult charts. As though one has to strive 
> to succeed mightily. And, given the fact of Kali Yuga as a setting 
> for this high and hopeful endeavor, it seems almost de rigeur that 
> would be nearly impossible to succeed. Such things are designed 
> the window in time when they have a chance, however slim,  to 
> the greater cause. What do we really know of that? Only what we 
> able to become conscious of in our own experience.

Very interesting indeed. I understand that in the early days the TS 
was referred to by one of the Adepts as a 'training ground', 
probably with brotherhood as the core subject matter. Those who have 
tried are probably aware that working together can be one of the 
thoughest tests a human being can go through. The mere possibility 
of it seems to release a thousand inner ghosts from solitary 
confinement! And yet, as the Upanishad-s very well say, there is no 
other path to go. Life brings relationships and situations into our 
lives literally every minute. We may imagine we can escape them, but 
they just keep coming.

It has been said that in Kali Yuga there are greater opportunities 
to progress towards Self-knowledge than in previous eras, and the 
apparent reason for this is that in this age karmic responses are 
swifter than in other ages. Thus every contact, every relationship, 
becomes a mirror in which we can see ourselves.

Is the TS a Kali Yuga society?


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