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Re: Theos-World On the TS natal chart

Feb 19, 2006 00:20 AM
by prmoliveira

--- In, samblo@... wrote:

> The Dhyan Chohan made the "root" decision that allowed the two 
Mahatma's to 
> proceed with the establishment through the agency of Madame 
Blavatsky and 
> Theosophy 1875, so would not the Karmic and Astrological 
considerations then have 
> to begin with the Dhyan Chohan? Perhaps someone might consult with 
the Dhyan 
> Chohan to ascertain the exact time and date, that is of course if 
the Dyhan 
> Chohan is in time and matrter/space,lol.

You may have nailed it on the head: what, after all, is the TS? 
Where does it come from? It wasn't, obviously, the brain child of 
HPB, HSO and WQJ. Astrological studies suggest that the more evolved 
a person is, the more difficult to pin down its horoscope and 
therefore its interpretation. Now, is there anything more evolved 
that a Dhyan Chohan in our system? You may have coined the 
theosophical *koan* for the new millenium!

I reckon it is similar to the challenge put forward by profoundly 
philosophical Tantric teachings in India to Shankaracharya himself: 
if Maya (Illusion) exists how can Brahman be the only Reality?

Cheers from Down Under,


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