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TS Obituaries (I)

Feb 18, 2006 08:30 PM
by prmoliveira

--- In, "Konstantin Zaitzev" 
<kay_ziatz@...> wrote:

> > The power-structure of the Adyar Society cannot stand on its
> > feet now because its pseudotheosophical and ritualistic fancies
> These slogans are being repeated like shamanic incantaions, but
> I don't believe they to be true. 

Dear Konstantin,
As the end of the TS has been (again) announced, I haste in sharing 
some ideas about the subject. 

One of HPB's Teachers declared: "You have still to learn that so 
long as there are three men worthy of our Lord's blessing, in the 
Theosophical Society, it can never be destroyed."  (LMW, I, 40, also 
mentioned in HPB's ES Instructions III)

Surprisingly, something went wrong and the other Master associated 
with the beginnings of the Society had this to say: 

"Because the Society has liberated itself from our grasp and 
influence and we have let it go  we make no unwilling slaves. He 
[HSO] says he has saved it? He saved its body, but he allowed 
through sheer fear, to its soul to escape, and it is now a soulless 
corpse, a machine run so far well enough, but which will fall to 
pieces when he is gone. Out of the three objects the second alone is 
attended to, but it is no longer either a brotherhood, nor a body 
over the face of which broods the Spirit from beyond the Great 
Range." (LMW, I, 47)

Note that not even HPB, the 'direct agent' of the Mahatmas, could 
save the TS at that time. Are the two above statements 
contradictory? Or do they point to the responsibility of the 
members? I believe the year was 1888.  

> There is autonomity of the sections, and maybe some secions put
> greater emphasis on CWL's teaching, as Australian section, as I
> was told. There's nothing strange in that, for he resided there 
> 1914. His adherents say that sections which promote his teaching
> are more active and draw an example of Australian section which
> is the biggest in relative sense, i.e. by the ratio of FTS's to 
> overall
> population.

The Australian section is not the biggest, ratio-wise. Probably 
Finland or Cuba, one of the two, is.

 Our friends from Ukraine who visited convention in
> Australia few years ago, say that they were impressed by brotherly
> atmosphere there and testify that there are members who wield
> occult powers. One woman is said to dissipate fog which obscured
> the beautiful landscape which they wanted to show to the guest
> theosophists. Later the fog recollected, and she has done it
> repeatedly when another bus with the theosophists came. So it
> wasn't mere coincidence.

There was a smoking ceremony at the opening of the World Congress in 
Sydney, 2001, performed by Australian Aborigines. I did meet the 
members from Ukraine but didn't know about the reported phenomena. 
As Daniel Caldwell says in his website, there is indeed a morass of 

Best wishes,


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