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Principles of TS

Feb 18, 2006 02:28 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "carlosaveline cardoso aveline"  
Dear Carlos,

> I agree too much with Piotr Kropotkin's vision of life and
> humanity to defend Wladimir Illitch Lenin at all.

Kropotkin's views are very different from those of Lenin.
He taught anarcho-syndicalism, the self rule of workers and
freedom of enterprise. He was popular and communists were
afraid to despise him. So we even have a subway station in
Moscow called by his name. Lenin, besides other things,
tried to ban theatre and ballet, but happily he died before
he succeeded to destroy all our culture. There is a legend
that soon after the revolution occultists of Peterburg tried
to destroy leaders of revolution by magic. They were caught
and shot right on the place of their meeting. (While under
Stalin there were at least decorative courts, Lenin obviously
regarded these theatral processes obsolete, probably because
he didn't like theater). Yet these magicians had at least
partial success, for all famous leaders of revolution died
prematurely, mostly from hands of their own gang. But Stalin
wasn't famous then, and wasn't the target, so he survived.

> If you already belong to the Esoteric School, you certainly
> are a Candidate, or you did not have an experience long enough

I don't belong to ES, and have no plans to join it. I know
that there are some pledges, and pledged pupil probably has to
subject some rules and authorities. Probably there's some inner
doctrine distinct from outer doctrine, for Leadbeater never
taught some things which some ES members afford themselves.
Anyway, joining Esoteric School is a voluntary act.

> And there are several OTHER pseudo-occult things running on in
> Adyar TS besides Masoniclike meetings, which were created under
> Leadbeater "inspiration". ASK ME ABOUT THAT, but please consult
> your "leaders" and superiors before you ask, so that you are

I have no leaders to consult with. But there are some
principles which are superior.

"No Theosophist should blame a brother whether within or
outside of the association, throw slur upon his actions or
denounce him lest he should himself lose the right of being
considered a theosophist. Ever turn away your gaze from the
imperfections of your neighbour and centre rather your attention
upon your own shortcomings in order to correct them and become wiser
. . . Show not the disparity between claim and action in another
man but - whether he be brother or neighbour - rather help him
in his arduous walk in life . . ."

(Master's letter quoted by HPB in her article on Original
programme of Theosophical Society).

Readers of this group can easily see themselves who breaks
these rules more oftenly, and it will be surely not our
international president Radha Burnier :)

There is also other rule - wherever you hear evil saying
against your brother theosophist, you should say a word in
his defence, unless you know for sure that it's true.
In that latter case you should keep silence.

> Your enthusiasm about defending Adyar deserves my respect.

I'm just trying to comply abovequoted rules, that's all.

> I have a sincere respect for idealism, even if the ideas
> idealized turn out to be absurd fancies when we see things

I'm not an idealist at all. I regard both idealism and
materialism equal delusions.

> If you are earnest and patient enough and keep your eyes open
> you will see what I mean, even if from another viewpoint.

I think I'm patient enough, for I was a subscriber of theos-l
in mid. 90's and discussed everything I've read there with
members, what they didn't like. Their reaction was far from
joyful, and probably it caused me some problems with joining.

> You have my admiration for your courage to defend Adyar's policy.

I'm grateful for appreciation, but I'm defending not Adyar's
policy but Theosophical Society as a whole and its principles
of brotherhood. "The patient is rather alive than dead", and
it's better to heal it than to kill it. Most members I met
with don't try to indoctrinate anyone and don't practice any
rites, as far I know. While there are at least two school of
thought in the Theosophical Society, there is freedom of thought,
while most organizations which separated from it have one school
and one doctrine only.

"But if the two Founders were not told _what they had to
do,_ they were distinctly instructed about _what they
should never do,_ what they had to avoid, and what the
Society should never become. Church organizations, Christian
and Spiritual sects were shown as the future contrasts to our
Society." (HPB, ibid.)

When one member practices LCC rites while other member doesn't
believe in god at all, TS surely isn't a sect. No one of the
members forced me to believe this or that. Sometimes they are
preaching their boring ethics but it's quite other thing.
Many years ago one member asked me to forge magnetic tickets
for the Moscow subway. He also liked to talk about morals and
ethics, and that I'm doing wrong this and that. I was on the
way to success with the tickets but had some technical problems.
But he hurried me, asking when they will be ready. I got tired
and said to him: You should stop either talking on ethics or
asking me to forge tickets. Since then he never reminded me
neither about ethics nor about tickets. Thus ethics and forgery
got annihilated.

> Much better than what Daniel Cadlwell does, by attacking true
> Theosophy under cover.

Devil cannot attack himself. Is what he spreads through his
site and books, false theosophy? Let's see better in him. He
helped thousands of people to obtain rare works of Blavatsky
and read about her life and work. Probably he thinks that
the theosophy he is spreading is true one. Maybe there are
some attacking articles on his site but I haven't seen them.
I've seen works by Blavatsky and letters of mahatmas.
What one seeks, that he finds. There is a good rhyme about that:

Pussy-cat, pussy-cat,
Where have you been?
I've been to London
To look at the Queen.

Pussy-cat, pussy-cat,
What did you there?
Hunted a little mouse
Under her chair.

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