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Re: Understanding Leadbeater's Fancies

Feb 18, 2006 09:10 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

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> I will give a few examples from human History.

Your examples are not very convincing.

> Think of Josef Stalin's "socialist" terror coming after Wladimir
> Lenin's popular revolution in Russia in 1917;

It was Lenin who initiated terror and even created concentration
camps  long before Hitler. Stalin was quite legitimate successor
in this respect, though in other respects he really changed the
doctrine. My cousine who teaches history in USA says that they
use mostly Soviet textbooks translated or plagiarized by western
authors, so many myths of Soviet propaganda are just reproduced,
among them about good Lenin and bad Stalin.

> Think of the imperial policies that came after the initial impulse 
> the North American Revolution in 1776;

Almost 200 years since. Moreover, Americans have the right to
change their political decisions as they like, according to the
circumstances. The main purport of 1776 revolution was to get free
from the British power, and Americans didn't deviate from this
initial impulse. Moreover, now Great Britain seems scarcely to
have the policy independent from USA. "Imperial policy" means
inderendence for USA but dependance for many other countries.
But it's THEIR problems.

> The power-structure of the Adyar Society cannot stand on its
> feet now because its pseudotheosophical and ritualistic fancies

These slogans are being repeated like shamanic incantaions, but
I don't believe they to be true. There are many things for which
Adyar officials should be criticized, but none of those I met with
tried to impose anything ritualistic, or even teach the doctrines of
Leadbeater. Most seminars and schools I attended were based on
Mahatma Letters, Voice of Silence and things like that, the ideas
of LATER Krishnamurti are also very popular and widely used by
the lecturers. They always emphasize ethics and despise all that
they call "psychism". Once I asked miss T. Kim Dieu, president of
European Federation of TS, which differences they have with
followers of Alice Bailey. She said that they have tendence for
worshiping while we not. Maybe it's not the exact words, for it was
almost 10 years ago, but I'm sure about the meaning.

There is autonomity of the sections, and maybe some secions put
greater emphasis on CWL's teaching, as Australian section, as I
was told. There's nothing strange in that, for he resided there since
1914. His adherents say that sections which promote his teaching
are more active and draw an example of Australian section which
is the biggest in relative sense, i.e. by the ratio of FTS's to 
population. Our friends from Ukraine who visited convention in
Australia few years ago, say that they were impressed by brotherly
atmosphere there and testify that there are members who wield
occult powers. One woman is said to dissipate fog which obscured
the beautiful landscape which they wanted to show to the guest
theosophists. Later the fog recollected, and she has done it
repeatedly when another bus with the theosophists came. So it
wasn't mere coincidence.

> WHY Paul Johnson's ideas were USED by whom;
> and with what a MOTIVE, to discredit Theosophy as presented
> by ...  not HPB only, but by William Judge, Damodar Mavalankar,
> Subba Row, HPB  and many others.

Surely not by CWL/AB adherents, for his ideas undermine their
theosophy too. Leadbeater many times emphasized that he owes
everything to Blavatsky, so if abovementioned founders would be
discredited, he will be surely discredited too. Some argue that his
Masters are not HPB Masters but it is not so. He preached the
same Masters, though it should be yet proved whether his contacts
were genuine  he could be mistaken, of course. Those who think
so, ignore other sources, as "Man: fragments of forgotten history"
by Chatterji & Holloway written BEFORE the Secret Doctrine.

"The Adept hierarchy, we have seen, was established by the
Dhyan Chohan to watch over and protect the growing race. ...
The classes of Adepts are seven. ... The absolute wisdom in the
universe is the spiritual central sun mentioned in mystical treatises.
When the day of nature arrives, this sun sends out seven rays,
which are each sub-divided in series of seven. All men, or rather
their spiritual selves, lie along some one or other of these seven
main rays of wisdom. Hence it is the necessity for the seven types
of Adepts. ... Among the living Adepts there are Englishmen,
Hungarians, Greeks, Red Indians, besides Asiatics of all

This book is really forgotten one, and it's teachings are quite in 
with those which contained in books like "Masters and the Path",
and in Mahatma Letters this book is claimed to be genuine. ("I
would save five months labour of Mohini and will not permit it to
remain unpublished", ML-64). Of course, it no way proves that
later books are also genuine but shows that the view of the
Masters which mahatmas themselves approved, don't fit to that
which Johnson presents, so he undermines Masters in general,
not the Masters specific to any theosophical author.
If his claims were true, it would mean that not only Blavatsky lied,
but many other people, including Olcott, many Indian chelas and
Leadbeater also said concerted untruth. It would also mean that
they had some plot in order to make their evidences fit each other.

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