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theosophy and theosophical organizations

Feb 18, 2006 08:23 AM
by M K Ramadoss

There have been discussions about theosophy and theosophical organizations.
At least for me, the distinction is very clear. Theosophical publications
since 1875 are valuable to students and it is the teachings and information
contained therein has helped many of us in our day to day life. There will
be always be difference of opinion when non physical matters are discussed
and cannot be settled until we are able to see them ourselves. Discussions
and controversies are going to be there for a long time and Internet has
made it all the more easier.

On the other hand, many tend to confuse the role of the organizations. It is
the role of the organizations to handle the business side of theosophy -
hold the money and real estate and other assets and do the mechanical job of
publishing and may be facilitating interested people getting together. It
looks like one  is likely to be disappointed if we look to organizational
leaders - who are more like leaders running businesses - for our personal
enlightenment or understanding or spiritual progress or gate keepers to the
adepts. I think it is this confusion in some of us makes our task of self
improvement  difficult. Added to this is the changed circumstances since
1875 with the advances in transportation and communication, especially that
of Internet.  In the pre-Internet era, organizing physical branches enabled
interested individuals in geographical locations to get together and
interact. Now while that mode can still be done, we are able to do it on a
7-24 world wide basis with the advent of Internet.

Another angle I have been speculating for quite some time, is the fact that
theosophical organizations have been more on a maintenance mode carrying out
routine mechanical activities for quite a while. All one needs to do is to
look at the present leadership. Most upcoming growth organizations and
movements  always had leaders who are young and in the prime of their lives,
not old men and women. Jesus and Shankaracharya and Krishna and others did
not have a full time job and after retirement embarked on a second career -
spiritual career.  HPB , Olcott and Judge and most of the leadership at that
time were in their prime of life.

Some thing to think about.


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