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Re: Theos-World TS natal chart and its implications

Feb 18, 2006 06:52 AM
by adelasie

Hi Paul,

Ah, a subject possible of endless, really endless, discussion. You 
mention other times for charts. Do you have a time for the October 30 
date? What other dates do you have? I would look for the date 
something was signed, but, knowing the essentially mysterious nature 
of the TS itself, its founding might be considered necessarily so. 
Imagine if you were founding an organization that was to save 
humanity from all the concentrated evil in the universe, an 
organization built on love and brotherhood, wouldn't you keep it as 
secret as possible, just to protect it? Still, after all these years, 
we might be justified in trying to search out the origins, in order 
better to understand the entity. It might be that all the dates are 
viable, and that a reading would have to somehow combine them. 

In the November 17 chart, Venus is in Sagittarius, Moon is in Cancer, 
so not quite all planets are in fixed signs. Looking at that chart, 
and I haven't had time to really study it, the thought comes to me 
that any worthwhile entity in the current cycle of humanity's 
evolution would necessarily have a complex and difficult chart. It 
has to do with bringing the sublime into the realm of the, let me be 
kind, lower vibration. It has to do with the pairs of opposites that 
characterize all manifestation. A smooth and harmonious chart would 
indicate an organization that would accomplish nothing. 

This kind of reading might not suit you, and I apologize. It's just 
the way I think. But I'm glad you brought this to our attention. I'll 
look at it more completely soon.


On 17 Feb 2006 at 14:16, kpauljohnson wrote:

> Hey,
> Here are a couple of post from a dozen years ago, discussing the
> November 17th chart for the TS:
> I bring these forward in response to Adelasie's suggestion to look
> within for causes of all the unpleasantness in my dealings with this
> organization.  Sure, we can all look within for such reasons and find
> some.  But without grasping the inherent nature of the organization in
> whose shadow (not a randomly chosen word) Theosophists function, one
> can only get half the picture.
> I'd appreciate comments from the astrologically literate here about
> this chart.  Competition outweighs cooperation in this natal chart by
> such a margin that it's almost impossible to avoid being caught up in
> the pervasive power games.  Those games often bring together strange
> bedfellows indeed, as my next post will indicate.
> Paul

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