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Understanding Leadbeater's Fancies

Feb 18, 2006 06:41 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear Konstantin,

Thanks for your contribution.

I apologize for having to inform you that things are far more complex in life and in the theosophical movement than you seem to think. I will give a few examples from human History.

* Think of Josef Stalin's "socialist" terror coming after Wladimir Lenin's popular revolution in Russia in 1917;

* Think of the Terror and Guillotine period coming after the initial democratic impulse of the French Revolution in 1789;

* Think of the imperial policies that came after the initial impulse of the North American Revolution in 1776;

* Think of the Imperial Churchianity, or Rome-Church-Christianity, which arrested, tortured and killed thousands of people in the name of Jesus -- which came after the period when Christianism was still a popular sect;

*Think about that, without aiming at winning a discussion, which is a useless goal, but aiming at understanding the dynamics of historical movements.

Then you will see Leadbeater's and Annie Besant's creation of a "theosophical popery" in a broader perspective.

Then, if you look at Adyar Society today, you will also see that the days of the structure created by Leadbeater and Annie Besant are numbered and getting to an end soon, because the structure got completely disfunctional. Look at the Adyar movement as it is.

A calm examination of the crazy facts of Leadbeater's period will help us open the way to a new and more authentic stage in the history of the movement.

It will also help us understand WHY Paul Johnson's ideas were USED by whom; and with what a MOTIVE, to discredit Theosophy as presented by ... not HPB only, but by William Judge, Damodar Mavalankar, Subba Row, HPB and many others.

It is NOT a question of fighting for power. It is a question of looking at the facts in a calm, impersonal way. Love and respect for Truth is a true emotion, Konstantin. We all have that, I guess.

The power-structure of the Adyar Society cannot stand on its feet now because its pseudotheosophical and ritualistic fancies are basically dead. Then the true teachings will emerge again, opening a third great moment of Theosophical Movement's History. Not spectacularly, but in a gradual and laborious way.

There are no spectacular victories in the probationary path that leads to Theosophy.

But falsehoods don't last, and truth has the good habit of emerging again and again.

Peace to all beings, Carlos Cardoso Aveline

From: "Konstantin Zaitzev" <>
Subject: Theos-World Re: After Leadbeater's Fancies -- What?
Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2006 02:40:07 -0000

--- In, "carlosaveline cardoso aveline"
<carlosaveline@...> wrote:

> Indeed, Leadbeater's ideas and books are responsible, even now,  for
> the structure of the Adyar TS.

Please note that he never took any office in TS (with an exception of
being the recording secretary in HPB times, obviousy installed by HPB
& Olcott). He just wrote articles and books, and many TS members not
only believed into all that he wrote but exaggerated it in many times,
for he many times repeated words of HPB that theosophy should not be
believed to but tested by the common sense. And if he wrote nonsense,
we might conclude that from the very beginning the wrong people were
attracted to the Theosopical Society, people with the strong
inclination to believe absurd things.

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