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Re[2]: Theos-World TS natal chart and its implications

Feb 18, 2006 02:20 AM
by Vladimir

Saturday, February 18, 2006, 5:46:41 AM, adelasie wrote:

> Does Cranston give a time for the September date?

No. Actually the date might be considered even Sep.7, because then

...Madame  Blavatsky's  sprightly  evening  chatter  and  her reported
magical  feats  continued  to draw groups of intelligent people to her
rooms. Among those thus attracted was Mr. George H. Felt, who had made
some  careful studies in phases of Egyptology. He was asked to lecture
on these subjects and on the 7th of September, 1875, a score of people
had  gathered  in  H.P.B.'s  parlors  to hear his address on "The Lost
Canon  of  Proportion  of  the  Egyptians."  Dr. Seth Pancoast, a most
erudite  Kabbalist  was  present,  and  after  the  lecture he led the
discussion  to  the  subject  of  the  occult  powers  of  the ancient
magicians.  Mr. Felt said he had proven those powers and had with them
evoked  elemental  creatures  and  "hundreds of shadowy forms." As the
tense  debate  proceeded, acting on an impulse, Col. Olcott wrote on a
scrap  of  paper, which he passed over to Madame Blavatsky through the
hands of Mr. W. Q. Judge, the following: "Would it not be a good thing
to  form  a Society for this kind of study?" She read it and indicated

But the Meeting Minutes containing the proposal is dated Sep.8,1975 --
a hand-written page is reproduced in the book.


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