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Re: FROM THOTH re: "The Final Theory"

Feb 17, 2006 10:51 PM
by leonmaurer


Hope I'll get a chance to see and hear what wonderful "creations" I'm sure 
you've come up with -- judging by your previous marvelous creations. :-)   (This 
includes your recent updates of the new web site.) 

As for McCutcheon's book chapter 1, I think it is very interesting.   
Actually, I came across this chapter some time ago and, although I haven't read the 
full book yet, he seems to be following the same path that led me to the ABC 
theory.   Although, I doubt if he's gone as deep as I have into pre-cosmic 
origins of both consciousness (awareness-will) and matter, as well as their 
fundamental relationship.   Another problem is, although he comes close to explaining 
gravity and how planets stay in orbits without any applied force due to 
constant expansion of both space and matter, he doesn't explain where the force or 
energy came from that started the expansion in the first place. Something that 
theosophy and my ABC theory explain thoroughly.

I had intended to read or skim through his book in Barnes and Noble to avoid 
buying (as I've done with much of my research in the past).   In NY that would 
have been easy, but down here, I guess I'll just have to order a copy online. 
:-)   However, I may not, since I assume -- from what I have dug up by 
researching his reviews and other online sources -- that his theory may be based on 
the same electrodynamic (analogous to hydrodynamic and thermodynamic) laws 
that my ABC theory rests on.   So, what's new?   

Since I never bothered to go into the actual mathematics (other than the 
fractal geometry) behind the fundamental origin and cosmogenesis that ABC 
describes -- his book may be what we have been looking for to reinforce the 
electrodynamic contraction and expansion basis of the universe that both ABC and 
theosophy claim.   But, judging by the lack of verification by scientists and 
mathematicians who have suggested similar approaches, I have my doubts.   Also, I 
don't see how his theory explains (or even considers) consciousness and its 
relationship to matter, as both theosophy and my ABC theory does.   Therefore, how 
can it be a "Theory of Everything," or a "Final Theory" for that matter?   
Seems he stands in the same boat as string physics -- which also claims being a 
TOE, but without any possibiliy of proof.   Additionally, nowhere does his 
theory explain the origin of life energy, or anything beyond simple physical 
matter and its relationship to gravity, It sounds good, but some of it contradicts 
any sort of Unified Field Theory that considers subjective consciousness and 
objective matter as two separate but interdependent aspects of universal 

The only problem I see is that none of these "new paradigm" theories 
(including ABC) can be verified by objective experiments, nor can they make 
predictions about objective nature that can be observed using the tools of science.   
That's why none of this can be easily accepted by conventional material 
scientists who rely on such "scientific method" -- even in their study of 
consciousness -- which has now become the leading edge scientific discipline.   Although, 
so far, they have not found any material theory to explain it.

But maybe McCutcheon will gain enough popular support to turn such skeptics 
into considering my ABC model and becoming my disciples. :-)   However, as I 
see it, he is still basically a materialist and has no connection with 
theosophical ideas, and not enough credibility to convince scientists in general.   But 
this could be a good start (even if proven wrong) to wake up the public to 
the shortcoming of conventional science, and it won't be long before the "new 
paradigm," of which McCutchion's theory may be only a minor or partial aspect, 
will become the basis of all scientific and philosophical thinking.   I hope 
I'll still be around to see it happen -- although, I'm pretty sure you might be 
if you can hold out another 30-50 years or so.   (Then, later, when we meet 
again in the old school, you can tell me how it all turned out.:-)

All I'm interested in now is seeing more people beginning to understand the 
true nature of reality from both a scientific metaphysical and spiritual 
standpoint... Which means; Understanding zero-point consciousness and primal 
substance (abstract motion, G-force or spinergy) as the fundamental unchanging 
reality... And considering material forms (limited to those on the lowest order, 
fractally involved, multidimensional coenergetic fields) as an ever changing 
illusion that, unfortunately, people ignorant of who and what they actually are, 
mutually contribute toward creating -- so as to suit their commonly accepted 
wrong beliefs in a separate God and/or a totally material universe -- leaving no 
room for universal conscience or individual responsibility for the all.   

This, coupled with their conflicting personal wants or greed's that are 
unconcerned with the needs of others or with the bio-diversity and other ecological 
conditions of our world, if not changed and reversed soon, can only lead to 
ultimate disaster in the not too distant future.   In addition, they should be 
made to understand the interconnectivity of everything as well as the fu
ndamental laws of cycles and periodicity that lead to both karma and reincarnation.  
 How else are they to change this world mind and give it an opportunity to 
pull us all back on the path to a peaceful, interdependent (yet free but 
responsible) and ecologically safe existence?   

In any event, I hope there aren't too many Christian and Muslim 
fundamentalists out there insisting on make all of this nothing more than wishful thinking. 
  But then, hopefully, there should be enough enlightened ones left after 
their mutually caused apocalypse to start the long road back.   But, enough of my 
ranting. :-)

For more info about McCutchion's book go to:
Register free as a member, and then go to the thread: "The Final Theory"
The comments   of the members will tell you much more about it than I can in 
this letter.

Also read article on a similar theoretical approach by another amateur 

Another fine article giving the background of quantum theory that partially 
supports ABC, and may show the superficiality of McCutcheon's approach, is at:   
(Incidentally, this article covers most all of what I was taught about modern 
physics and its "magic" back in the 60s-70s by my nuclear physicist-Nyingmapa 
Lama friend and colleague, the late "Doc Perch") BTW, Dr. Philip Sebastian 
Perchion had a hand in the Hiroshima bomb -- which he said he repented by going 
to Nepal and getting initiated in the Tibetan mysteries, and then spending 
several years working off his bad karma by nursing the dying Panchan Lama in New 
York, and chanting 1 million Om Magne Padme Hum's.   He told me that if he 
lost count, he had to start over from the beginning.:-)   Besides Richard Alpert 
(Baba Ram Dass) and David Bohm, he was probably one of the American scientists 
who first influenced the Dalai Lama in studying and comparing the metaphysics 
of QM with Buddhist philosophy.   I understand there's a new book on this 
subject, The Universe in a Single Atom by the Dalai Lama, that should be very 

And lastly, brush up on what I say about all this in my ABC theory: ABC Home Page How 
It All Began

All that is worth reading before buying the book.   

I'm still finding tons of material related to McCutcheon's theory that may 
make it unnecessary to spend money and time reading it. </:-)> Let me know if 
you come across anyhing I might have missed

Have fun, and keep on creating and teaching through your prayformances (which 
seem to be getting more and more intriguing judging by the lovely new 
cheesecake pictures on the web site.:-)


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> What do you think of the first chapter of this book, Leon? Here is a link:
> The chapter is stimulating and inspires me to get the book.
> Hope you are well! Thanks for the email update.
> I'm holed up in my studio creating like a madman. By the spring, I
> should have a pretty cool electric act to take out to clubs and large
> venues. Also a new CD is coming out called "Space Gypsies." I'll send
> you a copy of it when it arrives.
> --
> abacadacaba
> Thoth
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