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Re: After Leadbeater's Fancies -- What?

Feb 17, 2006 06:40 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "carlosaveline cardoso aveline" 
<carlosaveline@...> wrote:

> Indeed, Leadbeater's ideas and books are responsible, even now,  for 
> the structure of the Adyar TS.

Please note that he never took any office in TS (with an exception of 
being the recording secretary in HPB times, obviousy installed by HPB 
& Olcott). He just wrote articles and books, and many TS members not 
only believed into all that he wrote but exaggerated it in many times, 
for he many times repeated words of HPB that theosophy should not be 
believed to but tested by the common sense. And if he wrote nonsense, 
we might conclude that from the very beginning the wrong people were 
attracted to the Theosopical Society, people with the strong 
inclination to believe absurd things.

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