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Paul, Algeo and a Truthful Dialogue

Feb 17, 2006 02:24 PM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline



I think we can improve a lot our mental rate of vibration from where we are
(see text below).

"You said, you did not say; you wrote, you did not write" --- well, the blaming
game has its limits, and it reveals a state of mental anxiety entirely unnecessary
as we think of esoteric philosophy -- or Theosophy.

For me, the question of Daniel fabricating persons to attack theosophical group is much more than any accusation game.

It is a question of clarification, an issue of frankness and respect for truth as an instrument of the dialogue among us.

If we are discussing the way to truth, we must examine ourselves and where we stand among us.

Paul deserves our respect and so does his text on Daniel's possible secret activities.

If Daniel does not answer to what Paul said about that, the conclusion will be inevitable that Daniel
has been committing several and permanent frauds against us and against the public at large for perhaps ten years now.

As to blaming Paul for his sentences on HPB and the Masters, well, it also has its limitations.

Better than this is to discuss, for instance, his view of the movement as a whole -- before, and after, he was USED by Algeo and by Daniel (and by "Mr.Green"... ) to discredit the spiritual path and the probationary way as described by Sinnett, Judge, Damodar, by the Masters in the "Mahatma Letters", by HPB, Olcott, etc. It is NOT HPB only, who said that the Masters existed in such and such way. There were MANY testiomonies in the 1880s. It is much wider and larger than that. See "The Occult World", by Sinnett, for a number of public testimonies on the Mahatmas.

I guess Paul was used in a certain stage by some "secretly skeptics", some theosophical "cardinals" linked to the Liberal Catholic Church and to one or two pseudomasonic rituals. These "cardinals" wanted to discredit HPB in order to keep Adyar members to their own ritualistic games invented by CWL and to prevent them from rediscovering HPB's teachings.

After a time, when Paul's impact had been absorbed, they discharged him and now they do not use Paul, they use Solovyof, Emma Coulomb, Alexis Coulomb, Eleanor Sidwick and so on to keep on with their discredit campaign against the true teaching, while the ritualistic power-system already agonizes in Adyar and ther movement prepares itself (largely unconsciously) forsome kind of CHANGE.

I would like to understand the phenomenon of Paul's ideas as part of the history of the movement.

WHY it was interesting for some LEADERS to have his ideas circulating for some time, and why did that stop?

Is the person who supported Paul's hopes, Mr. John Algeo, also behind Daniel and "Mr. Green" and other frauds???

Just asking, because I believe in a truth dialogue.

Best regards and peace to all, Carlos Cardoso Aveline.

From: Vladimir <>
To: kpauljohnson <>
Subject: Re: Theos-World Lies, or reckless disregard for the truth?
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 21:41:56 +0300

Friday, February 17, 2006, 7:24:15 PM, kpauljohnson wrote:

--- In, "Konstantin Zaitzev" <kay_ziatz@...> wrote:
Please note that Johnson wrote that mahatmas are also false persons.

That's a total misrepresentation, since TMR describes 14 *real* South Asian individuals as such, and another 18 Western and Middle Eastern individuals as adepts. That *stories told about the Masters contained falsehoods* does not make the individuals on which they were (loosely sometimes) based false.
OK, let's rephrase: your claim is that HPB lied about the Masters and
that actually they were not those wise and mighty creatures as
portrayed in the modern theosophical lore. Is that a correct
representation? I suppose, it is effectively equal to "false persons".

Best regards,

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