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Carlos the Adept?

Feb 17, 2006 09:29 AM
by Bill Meredith

carlosaveline cardoso aveline wrote:
Dear Bill,

My apologies.

Sorry, I don't have the time to read you commentaries carefully right now.

Busy day.
Sorry you did not have time to read my commentaries carefully before responding yet again from a position of ignorance.
But, do you really think Paul Johnson has "Revealed the Masters"?

Revealed their personal identities??? Understood something of their teachings?
In a word, yes. When you read the book, you may understand the context in which my answer is given, but as one who judges a book by its cover, and offers a condemnation of said book based solely on the title, you are not one with whom I see much hope for meaningful discussions.
According to the Esoteric Philosophy, it takes an Adept to
fully understand Adepts. And those who undertand anything serious sbout them, do NOT "reveal". Have heard about Secrets of Initiation?
Tao Te King: "Those who talk, don't know; those who know, don't talk".

I can only ask you to look back over the past few weeks and take note of how much "talking" you have done on theos-talk. You came here with an agenda to undermine Daniel Caldwell and you have been using Caldwell's tactics to achieve your goal. The implication that you somehow know more about the esoteric philosophy and what it really means is flapdoodle. Paul Johnson and others whom you might call naive have studied and synthesized more science, religion and philosophy than you even imagine. The constant theme of your relentless "talking" is evidence that you have not even studied your Self/self enough to recognize that you are a self-centered mass of relationships, attachments, and addictions. You behave in the manner we have come to expect from Caldwell. The two of you are peas from the same pod. Meditate on that.



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