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The Forgery on HPB Being a Spy

Feb 17, 2006 03:52 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear Friends,

The false Russian Spy" letter I am talking about has likely been forged by Mr. Alexis Coulomb, who was good at imitating HPB's handwriting for fun, when he was already infiltrated in the movement, as a preparation and rehearsal -- before he did it seriously (see HPB's words in Jean Overton Fuller's Biography of the founder of the esoteric moverment).

This false "Letter" is said by John Algeo to be in the Central State Archive of the October Revolution, MS 109.3.22, yet he published just a translation made from some transcription of it.

HPB has commented on this false document herself in very clear terms, but J. Algeo did not pay attention to her. He -- a close ally to Daniel Caldwell -- only gave credit to her libellers. Et pour cause. (He must have his reasons.)

Best regards, Carlos.

Best regards
From: "Konstantin Zaitzev" <>
Subject: Theos-World HPB -- "RUSSIAN SPY" LETTERS ? WHERE ? Re: To Konstantin in Russia
Date: Fri, 17 Feb 2006 09:57:58 -0000

--- In, "W.Dallas TenBroeck" wrote:

> Perhaps you mean the "TETREYAKOV MUSEUM" and the "HERMITAGE PALACE"
> LIBRARIES in St. Petersburg ?
> Those had beautiful fine arts collections.

Dear Dallas,

The Russian Museum in Peterburg is the third big collection of fine
arts and is distinct from Hermitage. Russian Museum contains mainly
paintings while Hermitage - miscellaneuos objects of arts because it
is former emperor's palace.

> But for MSS and literary archives ? I do not know of any sources.

Besides two main literary archives which I have mentioned in the
previous letter on the subject, there is also department of written
sources in State Historical Museum.

>> There are two main storages where her letters can be kept,
>> Russian State Archive of Literary Sources and Russian State Library

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