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Re: Dostoievsky, Freud and Prayag Letter

Feb 17, 2006 01:38 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

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> 2)And  S. Freud,  one of whose sources of inspiration was 

I think that Freud's theory is essentially false.
I've also read somewhere that some person investigated the cases of 
these people which Freud said to be healed, which become classical 
cases and got into textbooks. That person found those very people 
which were then still alive, and discovered that they have the same 
symptomes and psychological problems as before. One of them suffered 
these symptomes for 60 years!

> 6) As to Daniel Caldwell, I invite you to read Paul Johnson's 
> testimonies on Daniel creating false persons to attack theosophical 

Please note that Johnson wrote that mahatmas are also false persons.
I think that he doesn't like Caldwell because the latter collects and 
promotes the evidences that the mahatmas were real people and so 
undermines Johnson's business which he makes on denounciation 
mahatmas and theosophy. It's business, not a campaign for ideas, 
because you shall not find his books online, they are commercial.

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