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Re: Theos-World question to Frank Reitemeyer

Feb 16, 2006 09:36 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Hi Theo,
I guess you have the standard work Der Vril-Mythos 
by Peter Bahn & Heiner Gehring (who died last year 
in his fourties).
While some say that the Vril Society never 
existed, others say it existed, but under another 
name, and that Vril was but a blind for Lodge of 
the Brethren of Light.
The first one who spoke of them in public was the 
known rocket researcher Ley:
"The next group was literally founded upon a 
novel....taht group... called itself die 
Wahrheitsgesellschaft" (Truth Society).

There existed a working group called 
Reichsarbeitsgemeinschaft Vril, as a published 
pamphlet of around 1930 showed.
It was one time downloadable, but the site is 

Why did you not visit me? I would have liked to 
discuss with you about the urgent need that 
Theosophists must speak out now before its too 
The atmosühere... well, that say most visitors, 
but I don't understand what they mean, perhaps I 
am living here for too long.

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From: "Theo Paijmans" <>
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Subject: Theos-World question to Frank Reitemeyer

Dear Mr. Reitemeyer,

As I am doing a study now on this particular 
subject - have you come
across any mentions of Vril, the Vril force or any 
Vril Society in your
researches in Berlin? I was in berlin, by the way, 
last december. I love
the atmosphere of this city.


Theo paijmans
the Netherlands

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