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Re: Theos-World German Theosophy Re: Who censeored Olcott'

Feb 16, 2006 09:21 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

=>If most German theosophists really hold such 
views it's yet another
sign that we should drop all our differences and 
send to them entire
bus of lecturers (from Adyar or ULT, it doesn't 
matter, for they both
teach nothing of that kind).

Proof it wrong and show someone who ACTS 
I do not mean merely lip service which in the 
Adyar church (ex TS) is favored.
I would expect that they would not allow the bus 
to stop in their near.

=>From other hand, isn't it the triumph of the 
free thinking in the
Theosophical Society? Some official also should 
come and learn from
them some freedom of thought.

Wrong. It is the misuse of freedom. They worship 
their lower selves.
But freedom comes from the higher self.
Imagine, if the masses of theosophists would 
understand that!
It would be different theosophical organizations 
by return!

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