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Some newcomer (oldcomer) thoughts

Feb 16, 2006 12:59 PM
by Jacques Mahnich

Some feedback after some weeks listening to Theos-Talk :
  What a fair !
  More than 400 postings in 3 weeks, mainly dedicated to quarrels and individuals finger-pointing on subjects which are certainly interesting, but are so subjective, being based on facts nobody was born to witness them.
  Happy to hear some original participants like Chuck the Heretic who had already impressed this forum 10 years ago when it starts.
  I don't not want to deny these subjects are of some interest (I hope so), but I would like to stress that such a forum , having this extraordinary capability to link all people over the world who are more or less attracted by theosophy,is a wonderful channel to exchange ideas and opinions about this wonderful experience which is called life on earth on a human body.
  There are so many basic questions which deserve attention.
  We have the great opportunity to live in a world which give everyone the capability to spend time listening and to grow knowledge-wise, thank to world-wide opening of communication and information-sharing. And I am comparing that situation to  previous times. 
  I feel very lucky to be the first generation (in France) not to have gone thru a war on our soil. It looks maybe silly , but when you put your feet in previous generation boots (in Europe and probably many other continents), you find but terror, atrocities, everything which prevent a human being to stop and listen (of course, this is a generality, and there has always been some individuals capable to stay awake even inside the worst opportunities - like nazi concentration camps where my father-in-law spent some years).  
  If we not only read, but listen to what theosophy is telling us (and asking us to verify), there are a lot of interesting tracks to follows (more than 1200 references in Isis Unveiled, and many more inside the rest of HPB publications) which may bring some light in our quest. 
  Of course, hoaxes may exist (in any system), and it is not easy to identify them. But is it worth ? HPB probably spent a great deal of energy to defend herself from permanent attacks.
  Theosophy is proposing us a lot of hypothesis and some ground knowledge (again for us to check before acceptance). It does not prevent us from falling in what it described (the ego trap). 
  This must be a common feature of human nature. We may learn from it.
  I am convinced human nature has such a great capability to grow, specially actually where a definite acceleration is happening.
  My friendship to everyone.

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