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Re: To Konstantin in Russia

Feb 16, 2006 12:53 PM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "carlosaveline cardoso aveline"  

> I do not know if people care for Russian classics now in Russia,
> but Dostoievsky was key to me many decades ago,  and I enjoy
> reading Tolstoy to-day

Yes, the classics is popular even now, and the serial "Idiot" after
Dostoyevsky was recently shown on the TV recently in a prime-time.
But I think that Dostoyevsky is a somewhat wrong key. He made
bad publicity for Russians showing them as gloomy and irrational
people. It's just like judging about Americans by charachters of the
novels by Edgar Poe. After a century it still damages reputation of
our country. Tolstoy is much better in this respect.

> If you or anyone you know can help me investigate about the
> false "Russian Spy Letter", which is said to be in an Russian
> Museum now, please let me know.

Can you quote this letter? I don't know which particular letter is
meant. Now I can only say that "Russian Museum" is probably
wrong name, for this museum is located in St.Peterburg and is
dedicated exclusively to the fine arts.

Yet there is quite normal to meet definitely partiotic assertions
in her letters, like "I am ready to serve rather to the Russian
science that to their German-English MaxMullerian one", and
some extreme political assertions.

There are two main storages where her letters can be kept,
Russian State Archive of Literary Sources and Russian State
Library (former Lenin Library), but it's doubtful that the mantioned
letter is there, for all letters from there are (most probably) 
already published and there are no any "spy letters" among them.

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