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Re: Theos-World My dealings with Theosophical publishers (repost from 1997)

Feb 15, 2006 09:29 PM
by Mauri

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Subject: Theos-World My dealings with Theosophical publishers (repost from
1997)  wrote, in part:

<<In Search of the Masters was surprisingly well received in the
Theosophical world, and didn't receive many attacks.>>

I've been speculating that part of a somewhat more realistic approach
towards the study of Thesosophy might entail some form of magnanimity or
"somewhat broader perspective," in some sense, towards the broad range of
opinions that (as we all  know?) exists out there in the "real world."   We
might all have our own ways of expressing our notions about whatever, but I
suppose I always thought that, generally speaking, students of Theosophy
(unlike some other kinds of people, maybe?) might not go off the deep end,
at least, even if they were to come across some Danish cartoons they might
not like particularly.


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