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Re: Theos-World Who censeored Olcott's "People from the Other World"?

Feb 15, 2006 05:08 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

=>I checked the original edition.  The entry in
question says: "A Russian

Hello Jerry, thank you so much for your help.
Now I add with pencil the word "Lady".
Hell, what is so bad with this word that Kessinger
(or who?) censored it?

=>Personally, I don't purchase Kessinger reprints
because, without
scrutinizing them page by page, against the
original, I can never be
sure whether he is reprinting the original
edition, a later edition,
somebody else's reprint of a later edition etc.

Yes, I have the same feeling. In our strange times
you cannot trust anyone.
Even not people who say they are studying divine

=>As you already know, there is nothing like
working from the original
printings, and archives are more than ever needed
in order to preserve
them.  Bravo, for the fine work you have been
doing to preserve rare
materials in Germany.

Thanks a lot, but you must not think that I run a
whole storage depot.
I have only a little flat and no one knows for how
long as Germany's social economy crashes rapidly.
I do what I can without a library hall, money and
against the most leading theosophists, which
regard collecting books as black magic, because:

1. The Masters (which?) have ordered self
destruction, humankind is at its end.

2. The Earth flies into the sun and collecting is
therefore superfluoes (serious staement from a
longtime official of the Hartmann TS).

3. Theosophy means spirit and books are matter, so
we have nothing to do with it (claims a "chela" of
"Point Loma")

4. We need no TS anymore, as all dreams of HPB and
the aims of the TS have fulfilled in the 
constitutions of the Western lands

5. HPB has done all work of the future, we must do
nothing for Theosophy, we have now chill-out

I rather fear, the German theosophists after 1945
have not stood their test and created much bad
karma, for themselves and for the world in toto.
The world and the TM suffers,  because the male
and female aunts (steiner) in G. are not ready to
do the needed work.
And they do not want that any other does the work.
I wonder whether this mood and behavior (or
non-behaviour) may have already extisted some
2,000 years ago at the last stroke of
End of session for today, doctor!

I am glad to learn, Jerry, that you have so much
success with your Alexandria West library.
I regard the English theosophical books as
something like the first stage leading to the
entry hall of the temple.
May we hope that at least the first stage English
books and magazines will survive.

And please force the Lords of Karma to send quick
normal theosophists to Germany, before the little
rest is also lost....:-))))

Since then the rat is gonna running to work off 
its bad karma.
Good night, globe D.

Best from snowy Berlin

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