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Re: Theos-World What Criteria do we use for investigating the past?

Feb 15, 2006 11:25 AM
by Drpsionic

In a message dated 2/15/2006 12:58:05 PM Central Standard Time, writes:

Is there  really any
good reason for trying to figure out what motivated the people  of the

Oh damn, I'm going to have to be serious.
>From the standpoint of history, motivation is very important.  If you  know 
the why of someone's actions you can better make sense of the  actions.
For example, Annie Besant's need for titles clearly comes from her  
middle-class British early existence.  They ALL acted that way.  
Words in the end do not matter very much.  It really matters very  little 
what most of the early Theosophists said, most of it is nonsense anyway  
(especially the words of Mrs. Besant), what matters is action and action  comes from 
Chuck the Heretic

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