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Re: Theos-World Paul and the future

Feb 15, 2006 09:40 AM
by Bill Meredith

I meant to say at the end of this message "the end justifies the means" instead of "the end is justified by the means."


Bill Meredith wrote:
carlosaveline cardoso aveline wrote:

Dear Paul,


In the Mahatma Letters, T.U.P., Letter LII, p. 292, one of the Masters says that as they had allowed their names to be "dragged into publicity", they had to stand "offensive" articles, and so on.

Ironically, he says, quoting Olcott, that this was "the penalty of their (mudane, mayavic) greatness".

So I do not think that your speculative and naive books are quite the end of the world.

I would say that unless you are an exceptionally talented speed reader you have not read Paul's books yet and so for you to judge them is an example of lower self arrogance and self-righteous zeal that needs to be contained by your higher self. Give your Self a chance by consciously choosing to identify it.

But for some reason your books have led you into some kind of close association of such beings as "Daniel Green", John Algeo and other similar level "pundits". This is for you to think, please. Meditate on that. Every fact has at least one CAUSE. I think the cause in this case is maya, self-delusion. The must be something wrong in your navigation system" for you to have come into close relationship with a "intellectual" as "David Green" and to be used, as you described, by J. Algeo.
This would be a far more effective discussion if you, Carlos, would discuss how your past actions have brought into some kind of close association with Daniel, Jerome, John, Bruce, Paul, and now me. Meditate on that. Every fact has at least one CAUSE. I think that the cause in this case is your own self-delusion, but what I think is not nearly so important as what you discover about yourself through meditation and self-study. There must be something wrong in your navigation system for you to come on theos-talk and think that you can tell other people what is wrong with them. Tell us what is wrong with you, my friend. Then and only then will you have pulled the beam from your own eye sufficiently to see others with any clarity.

I also believe that you having had the courage and the character necessary to face and to confront Daniel and his tricks (IF he does not prove to us all this innocence or "non-guiltyness"... ) --- as well as to bravely tell us about all your dealings with the TPH and J. Algeo, this, I say, shows that you can go beyond the point where you are now.

Each step at a time. Now you have done THeos-talk a great service.

This is so much psycho-babble. Your beliefs about Paul are founded on the shifting sands of your own delusion. Please restrict your phycho-analysis to your own self.

As time passes a serious debate as "where and how to investigate about Masters" can be held.

The question, for theosophists, depends on vibration rates.

Poetry cannot be experiened at the vibration rate typical of a box fight, or through the emotion of love for immediate personal money fame or personal power; and Masters cannot be found by the methods you tried. Personal & physical IDs have nothing to do with Adepts.
This is a one-sided view that does not even allow for the existence of other perspectives. It is anti-theosophical and harmful to the movement to see such things in print.

You did not reveal the Masters, then, but you revealed some important hypotheses about Daniel's secret activities, and you may have revealed fundamental aspects of the aggressive variety of neotheosophy and neotheosophists.

I guess, though, that your dialogue with the theosophical movement is just starting and can lead you much beyond your books written so far and your present ideas -- once you but keep to the honest feelings in your heart and mind.

Best regards, Carlos.

It is becoming clear that you are using Paul as the enemy of your enemy. I ask you to examine your own motivations in this regard and see if you are not succumbing to the old and false notion that "the end is justified by the means."



p.s. tell jerome I said hello.

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