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Paul and the future

Feb 15, 2006 08:09 AM
by carlosaveline cardoso aveline

Dear Paul,


In the Mahatma Letters, T.U.P., Letter LII, p. 292, one of the Masters says that as they had allowed their names to be "dragged into publicity", they had to stand "offensive" articles, and so on.

Ironically, he says, quoting Olcott, that this was "the penalty of their (mudane, mayavic) greatness".

So I do not think that your speculative and naive books are quite the end of the world.

But for some reason your books have led you into some kind of close association of such beings as "Daniel Green", John Algeo and other similar level "pundits". This is for you to think, please. Meditate on that. Every fact has at least one CAUSE. I think the cause in this case is maya, self-delusion. The must be something wrong in your navigation system" for you to have come into close relationship with a "intellectual" as "David Green" and to be used, as you described, by J. Algeo.

I also believe that you having had the courage and the character necessary to face and to confront Daniel and his tricks (IF he does not prove to us all this innocence or "non-guiltyness"... ) --- as well as to bravely tell us about all your dealings with the TPH and J. Algeo, this, I say, shows that you can go beyond the point where you are now.

Each step at a time. Now you have done THeos-talk a great service.

As time passes a serious debate as "where and how to investigate about Masters" can be held.

The question, for theosophists, depends on vibration rates.

Poetry cannot be experiened at the vibration rate typical of a box fight, or through the emotion of love for immediate personal money fame or personal power; and Masters cannot be found by the methods you tried. Personal & physical IDs have nothing to do with Adepts.

You did not reveal the Masters, then, but you revealed some important hypotheses about Daniel's secret activities, and you may have revealed fundamental aspects of the aggressive variety of neotheosophy and neotheosophists.

I guess, though, that your dialogue with the theosophical movement is just starting and can lead you much beyond your books written so far and your present ideas -- once you but keep to the honest feelings in your heart and mind.

Best regards, Carlos.

From: "kpauljohnson" <>
Subject: Theos-World Salience, valence, HPB, and scholars
Date: Wed, 15 Feb 2006 14:37:35 -0000

Dear Carlos, Bruce, and all,

Yesterday I took the day off to do research at the NC State Archives
in Raleigh, and came home with extremely useful material to complete
a chapter for which I have set a deadline of February 28.  If I stay
offline except as necessary for the next few days, by the weekend I
should be able to participate here to the extent of clearing up some
points about my books.  So this will be my last post until Saturday.

The negative feelings expressed in my earlier message have mostly to
do with the sense that theos-talk is a kind of constant undertow,
dragging my energies away from current projects.  That was the case
in the mid to late 90s when working on the Cayce book, and since 2001
working on the present one.  Knowing that someone had deliberately
and enthusiastically fanned flames of extreme hostility to my books
and me personally, with considerable support among members of all
Theosophical organizations, has not been helpful to my authorial ego!
It has kept me from getting motivated to work on new projects.  So
while working on the Cayce book and now this one, I have mostly
stayed away from Theosophical fora.  But while I could put Daniel and
his antics out of my mind for months on end, I could never really
forget what had happened, especially after a friend told me about his
multiple ID's (without pointing out specific ones-- that was my own

For various reasons now seemed like the time to turn around and face
this particular dragon, instead of continuing to dread its constant
pursuit.  Hope others will weigh in on this in the next few days.

One of the main factors was the realization that my books on HPB had
a very substantial influence on other writers in a variety of
fields.  There are now 71 books that came out in the last dozen years
which have mentioned my books-- a few the Cayce book but
overwhelmingly the ones on HPB.  So for years I thought the story of
my books on HPB ended miserably in the late 90s; while I myself was
totally demoralized from working on Theosophical history, the books
themselves were working silently and without my knowledge.  I'll
append a list with some related info.

As for how one or more books have affected HPB's reputation, let's
put my motivations aside as irrelevant.  Even if I'd been trying to
attack her reputation and harm Theosophy, what did my books really
accomplish?  Even if I were a diehard Theosophist out to prove the
reality of the Masters and salvage HPB's reputation (TRUE), what did
they really accomplish?

Here's a statement made by Daniel von Egmond in a scholarly paper
subsequently published as a chapter, "Western Esoteric Schools," in a
collection entitled Gnosis and Hermeticism from Antiquity to Modern

"In his recent book, Paul Johnson has tried to establish the
historical identities of these masters.  Although his conclusions
could be contested on some points, his study proves once and for all
that Blavatsky's masters were real human beings.  Consequently,
accusations that they were mere figments of her fantasy, and also all
the claims of many of her would-be successors of being the new
messenger of these same masters, no longer deserve serious
attention."(p. 313)

Here von Egmond is implying, correctly in my view that the previous
attitude toward HPB among scholars had generally been that the
Masters were figments of fantasy and that therefore HPB herself did
not deserve serious attention in terms of studying her sources.  Why
would Adyar not welcome this?  It undermines the unassailable CWL,
for one thing.  If HPB's Masters are acknowledged by scholars to have
been real, then the contrast with CWL's imaginary ones becomes all
too glaring.

I would suggest that books can affect other books' appraisal of their
subject along a couple of dimensions: salience and valence.  How
important is HPB?  How admirable/likeable/valuable is she?  Let's
assume a ten point scale and say that in general before 1993,
scholars and interested non-Theosophists would have seen her as a 4
on contemporary relevance (salience) and a 2 on valence-- mostly
known as a performer of fraudulent phenomena.  And on the same
scales, I think she has by now risen to a 7 on salience and a 5 on
valence.  That's not attributable just to my books, but to Godwin's
which got far more acclaim and notice (justifiably so), Carlson's,
and some of the sources which cite all these that are listed below.

Instead of being appreciative of their positive impact, there have
been negative reactions from Theosophists saying I'm attacking HPB's
reputation.  This seems to set an awfully high bar.  If I don't think
she's a 10 on both salience and valence, the most important and
morally impeccable person of her century-- and promote and induce
conversions to that view-- I'm a vicious enemy of Theosophy.  That's
silly and impossible, as the list below will demonstrate.



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