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Re: Theos-World Salience, valence, HPB, and scholars

Feb 15, 2006 07:41 AM
by adelasie

Hi Paul,

Considering your reaction to response to your writing, it is very 
undestandable IMHO. Nobody feels good when attacked. And, leaving the 
attackers aside (I'm not writing to them, after all), I can offer 

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned in my study of 
theosophy is the fact that I and I alone am responsible for what 
happens to me. This does not excuse others who may behave badly 
toward me. Not at all. But it takes my attention off them as actors 
in my fate, and puts it squarely on myself. "What did I do to deserve 
this?" becomes a relevant question, if I assume that I must have done 
something. Karma is the concept that makes this make sense, the idea 
that everything that happens in the present is the effect of a cause 
from the past, and that the future is made of effects of causes 
instituted in the present. It's a very efficient system, for one 
thing, but the best part is that it gives me total responsibility for 
my own life. I am no longer a victim. I find this very liberating. I 
don't have to get lost in hurt feelings. I can simply accept that I 
earned this treatment as a lesson in my life, try to apply what I can 
of what I have learned to the situation, (Has my motive been pure? Am 
I devoted to enhancing the benefilt of my fellow man? Has selfishness 
intruded into my goal? etc.) and get on. What other people have done 
is not my concern. They are responsible for their actions, and they 
will bear the consequences of any wrongdoing. And, believe me, they 
will. That is another very useful aspect of the ancient wisdom. There 
is no free lunch. Karma is inexorable. The balance will be adjusted.. 

I know you are not a theosophist, and I do not mean to preach at you. 
Certainly I do not know how you should feel or what you should think. 
But I have been reading the story of your rather ungentle treatment 
by different parties for some years now and the thought comes to me 
that perhaps this is your test, to find a way to grow past the hurt 
and find something useful in the whole experience, useful to you 
personally in your own quest for enlightenment. History is full of 
stories of magnificently talented and devoted individuals who 
suffered from the misunderstanding of their contemporaries, so you 
are not alone. But to me it is helpful to approach this fact from the 
point of view that it must be good for something positive.

I found your books, "In Search of the Masters" and "The Masters 
Revealed" in our library, one copy even autographed by you (!) and I 
plan to read them so finally I will have a better idea of what the 
fuss is all about. Pretty scholarly is my reaction so far. Heavy 
going for a lazy reader like me. But I'm going to try because I agree 
with you that there is no excuse for offering an opinion on something 
I haven't read. 

Good luck with your project,
All the best,

On 15 Feb 2006 at 14:37, kpauljohnson wrote:

> Dear Carlos, Bruce, and all,
> Yesterday I took the day off to do research at the NC State Archives
> in Raleigh, and came home with extremely useful material to complete a
> chapter for which I have set a deadline of February 28.  If I stay
> offline except as necessary for the next few days, by the weekend I
> should be able to participate here to the extent of clearing up some
> points about my books.  So this will be my last post until Saturday.

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