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Re: Theos-World On the Liberty to Have Doubts

Feb 15, 2006 06:40 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Bart, I don't understand your reply.
What do you mean exactly by refering to the first 
object (universal brotherhood)?

Can there be universal brotherhood without freedom 
of thought and freedom of speech?

And what about TRUTH?

Did HPB not place the search for truth even above 
the first object?

Wanted HPB a brotherhood based on lies or a based 
on truth?

How can someone search for truth without having 

Scientific work would be impossible without 
starting with doubts.

And that is exactly what the revisionists demand 

And that is why they are persecuted, social lives 
destroyed, denounced, hunted, jailed: They have 

They demand to begin a scientific investigation of 
the so-called Holocaust, without fear to be killed 
or jailed.

Without doubt on the dogmas of the theologians the 
launch of the TS would have been impossible.

Without doubt on the dogmas of the new world 
religion in embryo state we'll get soon the worst 
tyranny world-wide we ever had.

Theosophists must speak out. For freedom of 
speech, freedom of conscience, freedom of research 
and freedom of press.

That is what we lack for and what theosophists 
should fight for.

The false universal brotherhood model the 
background powers have in mind - all individuals, 
peoples, nations, governments have one and the 
same opinions about each topic as the background 
rulers want, that is the Communistic "paradise" - 
is but a travesty of the true, Aryan unversal 
brotherhood HPB had in mind.


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carlosaveline cardoso aveline wrote:
> In other cases, the liberty to question, the 
> ability to doubt, to quest,
> will liberate souls from the Vatican Christian 
> Church, or from Liberal
> Catholic rituals, from neotheosophy, and so on. 
> In these cases, doubt will
> be part of the solution while repressing the 
> doubts will be part of the
> problem.

And the 1st Object bites the dust. Want to try for 
the 2nd and 3rd?


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