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Re: More on "Tampering" with HPB's THE VOICE OF THE SILENCE

Feb 15, 2006 01:46 AM
by Konstantin Zaitzev

--- In, "Alaya" wrote:

> One should look at the peking edition of the voice of the silence if
> he wants to read the original voice. It was edited by Alice 
> She made an effort to publish it without besant's "corrections", 
which actually altered the orginal.

It's enough to see extracts you have quoted below to make sure that 
TC correction are far more sreiuos:

> The Theosophy Company's edition reads (p. 5):
>  It stands generally for the 100 years or "age" of Brahma, the
>  duration of a Maha-Kalpa or a period of
> >  311,040,000,000,000 years.

Different numbers.

> Once, again, the original VOICE reads on p. 82:
> Bodhidharma called them in China---from whence

> The TC edition changes this passage to read:  (p. 25)
> The *Bodhidharma*, Wisdom Religion in China---

The ingorant editors from TC didn't knew that Bodhidharma is a proper 
name of man, who brought Busshism to China!
So they typed it in italics and translated its meaning as it were 
name of religion!

Besant corrections affect rather style tham meaning (as in SD too) - 
commas, articles, etc. Moreover, I vaguely remember that when HPB 
wrote it she asked AB to check her style herself, and AB said that 
all is OK and made only slight corrections, and they already are in 
1st printing. Yet I don't rememver where I've read this.

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