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Re: Theos-World Identifying the enemy

Feb 14, 2006 10:21 AM
by robert_b_macd

--- In, Bill Meredith <meredith_bill@...>

> Bruce,  Thank you for this perspective.
>  One thing that I have noticed about the prosecutor personality is the 
> tendency to focus on others almost exclusively.  For example,  one
> hold others to relentless task for small changes to the original words 
> of HPB and yet at the same time one might quote HPB or  master's 
> original words inside an e-mail or on a web page and change  the 
> emphasis, perception, and sometimes even the meaning of those words 
> through the liberal and extensive use of (...), "CAPS ADDED," 
> underscores, "emphasis added' etc.  I understand that these practices 
> are universally accepted in order for a writer to emphasis key words
> phrases to make a point. 
> My point is that every word, sentence, phrase, paragraph, and idea from 
> HPB and masters, is a finely tuned balance between understanding and 
> misunderstanding.  If HPB or masters had desired to emphasis one aspect 
> of an idea over another, such editorial functions as "CAPS ADDED" and 
> underscores for emphasis were available to them.  Before one goes about 
> changing the balance HPB and masters originally struck, one should be 
> very careful that, through the use of these editorial devices in an 
> e-mail or  publication,  one is not being untrue to the original theme 
> presented by the original authors as they were writing to the original 
> readers.  At the very least, one should be fully aware that one is 
> altering the original writings.  This alone should give one reason for 
> pause and self-reflection.

I have noticed this as well, Bill, you go back to read the quote in
its original context and wonder how it could have been misinterpreted
so badly.  It reminds me of the Christian justifying imoral behavior
through appeal to scripture.


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