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Re: Theos-World Some Examples of the Changes in The Voice of the Silence

Feb 13, 2006 08:56 PM
by Bill Meredith

danielhcaldwell wrote in part:
As far as I know the only ULT associate that has dealt with this [Changes in The Voice of the Silence]
issue in a straightforward and frank manner has been Wes Amerman:

*Here is the text of Wes Amerman's message. *

From: "Wes Amerman" <amerman@...>
Date: Thu May 22, 2003 4:51 pm
Subject: Regarding "The Voice of the Silence" amermanw
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Dear Daniel,

Thanks for your reply.

You are right that regardless of the level or amount of HPB's praise for Judge
or anyone else, it does not explain whether any particular "correction" was
justified. Therefore, I agree with Peter Merriott that, for example, HPB's
phrase "thin oblong squares" should not have been changed.

I agree that readers should know what changes are made to a text, and by whom. Therefore I agree with your assessment that Dallas' comments should also apply
to Judge's corrections of "The Voice of the Silence." Your solution of affixing
a note or label of some sort in our current edition of that work has merit, and
I will take it up with my colleagues at the next available opportunity.

Similarly, I will suggest that when it comes time to re-print the "Voice," that
we do so as she originally wrote it.

This would be entirely consistent with the "hands off" editorial policy of The
Theosophy Company. More than that, I am not sure what it is that you suggest we

Wesley Amerman
The Theosophy Company

[Non-text portions of this message have been removed
Might we conclude that Daniel values the straightforward and frank way that Wes dealt with this issue? Might we then expect that Daniel will deal with the issue of David Green and Terry Hobbes is a similar straightforward and frank manner?

Simply pointing out 'Sanjna' and 'Bryan Kinnavan' will not be a straightforward and frank response. We are aware that using pen names and pseudonyms has historical as well as theosophical precedence. No, the issue that requires a straightforward and frank explanation from Daniel is whether he invented David Green and Terry Hobbes and hid behind them on the Internet so as to do a kind of dirty work that he did not want to have associated with his name at that time? Hopefully, he did not do this at all. Only a straightforward and frank explanation will tell. Until such time, the questions have been asked and the issue has been raised in several quarters. Daniel's credibility as a expert on theosophical issues is being damaged each day he chooses not to address this issue in a straightforward and frank manner. It is up to Daniel. Hopefully he will put this issue to rest by either confirming or denying that he and David Green are one and the same.



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