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Re: Theos-World "Thin oblong squares" & THE VOICE by Peter Merriott

Feb 13, 2006 03:39 PM
by leonmaurer


I think Peter's discussion about the esoteric meaning of the phrase "oblong 
square" as used by HPB was very perceptive from a mystical point of view.   
However, he did not touch on the actual unambiguous meaning of the term with 
relation to the esoteric geometric roots of universal architecture as explained 
more or less thoroughly in my recent post on this subject.   

But, nevertheless, none of these mystical speculations change my opinion that 
removing the term from the introduction to the VOS where it could be 
interpreted as an oxymoron and confuse uninitiated readers, made any difference in the 
Heart Doctrine teachings contained in the VOS -- which, apparently, is all 
that ULT associates and other students (who are not yet "Lanoos") should care 

Since I think this subject is being hacked over by you long enough, I hope 
this is the last letter about it I might feel obligated to respond to for some 
time to come... That is, unless you wish to delve deeper into the occult 
metaphysics and mathematics on which the term "oblong square" is based. </:-)>


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> "Thin oblong squares" & THE VOICE
> by Peter Merriott
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