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Online explanations and critiques of The Masters Revealed

Feb 13, 2006 09:31 AM
by kpauljohnson

Dear Carlos and all,

Probably the first place to get a feel for my books would be the or search features, e.g.;

which are excellent for allowing one to look at tables of contents, 
back covers, etc.  (Also those of a few books in which mine are 
cited.)  Next I'd recommend SUNY's website list of the Western 
Esoteric Traditions series:

Mine are only three of many, and Joscelyn Godwin's The Theosophical 
Enlightenment has been more influential and can be seen as a 
companion volume to my first two in the series.

Online information pro and con my SUNY books on Blavatsky can be 
found at:

Katinka has all this in what I would propose as the suggested order 
of reading, starting with a survey of the varied critical responses 
in published books and periodicals, then some interview questions and 
answers, then an article, then some online criticisms.  Note however 
that the "excerpts from TMR" are not that, but excerpts from the 
piece linked below.

John Algeo's criticisms published in Theosophical History, and my 
reply, are available online for TH subscribers only.  But "David 
Green" has a link to my reply to Daniel Caldwell's criticisms here, 
hosted by David Lane:

Anyone can find the House of Cards piece on Daniel's site, linked 
from Lane's.



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