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My correspondent Terry Hobbes

Feb 13, 2006 08:00 AM
by kpauljohnson


On my first week in cyberspace I joined the newly-created theos-l, and
was soon greeted by a message from "Terry Hobbes" denouncing my self-
published book In Search of the Masters and promoting an "Open Letter
to Paul Johnson" that could be purchased from Daniel Caldwell for $8.
Here is my reply which includes the post from Hobbes:

This was disturbing because I had entered into correspondence with Mr.
Caldwell with the specific understanding that it remain private.  When
I posted to this effect, "Hobbes" then reported a "telephone
conversation" with Caldwell and related the content.

Compared to Green's, Hobbes's career in Theosophical cyberspace was
very brief, lasting only from late 1993 to early 1994.  However, many
years later he reappeared as author of an article on Caldwell's 

and like the articles written by Green, these share several 
Caldwellian features.  The theme is Caldwell's usual obsession, 
attacking various claimants to succession from HPB.  The style is 
his, again with large excerpts from primary sources, plentiful 
rhetorical questions, and a general hectoring tone.  Moreover, Google 
shows the email address used by Hobbes back in 1993-4,, to have appeared online only in Theosophical 
discussions.  So this is another person whose existence is in doubt, 
and who might have been an alter ego for Mr. Caldwell.  While Hobbes 
was not nearly as nasty and confrontational as Green, the dishonesty 
and manipulation are even more striking in that Hobbes reported a 
conversation with Caldwell and engaged me in discussion under what 
now appear to be false pretenses.  It's quite amazing to consider 
that from week one in cyberspace back in 1993 I was being stalked by 
this Internet troll.

Unless, of course, there is a real Terry Hobbes in which case I'd 
appreciate confirmation of his existence.


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