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RE: [theosophia] RE: Theos-World Re: Fighting with friends...

Feb 13, 2006 04:52 AM
by W.Dallas TenBroeck

2/13/2006 4:41 AM

Dear Adelasie:

As I see it :  

A "mirror" is a poor analogy -- yet there are some correspondences.  ( E G:
the physical body could not exist without the astral electro-magnetic infra
structure that holds and supports every atom and molecule  --- building them
into our multi-natured form -- and as a vehicle of a potential and
independently VIRTUOUS "God." )

Our embodied mind does not slavishly copy the behests of the WISE MIND  --
Buddhi-Manas -- unfortunately.

The Buddhi-Manas has the duty of assisting  and not controlling the Lower.
[S D  II 167 ]

Karma as a universal reagent, can show us how deviant choices of a selfish
nature only end hurting our Lower Self. 

Thanks for your response.

All good wishes, 		 (A FEW NOTES BELOW) 	



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Dear Dallas,

Your comments lead me to think...

> 2/10/2006 5:34 PM

>  Dear Friends:
>  Only the plain unvarnished truth and facts shared will clear away all
> errors and opinions.  We need not confess to each other. We need to
> tolerate other's views.

At source we are ALL ONE  --  SPIRIT

It is this very unity that is our greatest challenge. The force of 
separation, that which continually seeks to destroy unity, attacks us 
the more strongly because of our devotion to unity. It is our test, 
our opportunity, to learn, to evolve, to rise beyond the mire of 


>  But since we live in separate bodily forms, the karma of our past
> choices bring us a degree of confusion.

We are continually challenged by our own lack of understanding. The 
more we realize out essential unity (after all, do we not have access 
to information that can help us solve the most vexing conundrums of 
out time?) the more we are vulnurable to attack in the areas where we 
are weak (Ego, fear, doubt....)

	DTB	REINCARNATION and the concept of the invulnerable and
indestructible Monad  DOES THAT  

>  It seems to me, our present task (all of us) is to agree to study
> together -- the same material.

Indeed, the material provides us with endless encouragement, 
information, inspiration, support. We are all struggling alone, and 
yet we are struggling together. Do you ever notice the inherent 
contradictions/polarities in our study?


> An expression of agreement to any one set of views is unnecessary.  In
> fact, if this can be avoided, progress towards a more impersonal and
> universal grasp is made.

Thanks for your enduring clarity,

All the best,


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